Parental Dilemmas at Wedding Rituals 

Parental Dilemmas at Wedding Rituals

Planning a wedding is a tricky affair. Besides ensuring that all the arrangements for the wedding ceremonies, like arranging the wedding venue, food, etc., are perfect, one also needs to make sure that the feelings and the needs of all the guests attending the wedding are taken care of. In India, the job of planning a wedding usually falls on the shoulders of the close relative of the bride and the groom. The parents need to make sure that all the rules laid down by the various wedding rituals are adhered to during the wedding, the wishes of both the bride and the groom are fulfilled and all the guests at the wedding feel happy and content with the wedding arrangements. Striking a balance between all these factors can prove to be extremely tricky and many times, the parents find themselves in situations which present huge dilemmas for them. 

Some of the tricky situations which generally parents encounter when planning a wedding for their children have been discussed below:

Handling Guests Who Hate Each Other

The wedding being the most important day in the life of the bride and the groom, almost all the close and distant family and friends are invited to a bless the couple on their holy union. However, it is possible that two of the relatives may be at loggerheads with each other and therefore, cannot stand the sight of each other. For the parents, who may be on cordial terms with both these relatives, it becomes a difficult situation, where they cannot avoid inviting either of these relatives and at the same time, face the risk of these two coming face to face during the wedding and creating a huge scene in front of everyone else, thus spoiling the mood of the wedding. 

Handling Ego Issues

In every family there are certain family members who feel that they are the most important people in the family and therefore, in every ceremony that happens during the wedding, they should be given the most importance. If there is only one such person who feels this way, giving him or her the demanded importance becomes easy, but if there are more than one such person in the family who want to center of attraction at all times, it becomes difficult for the parents to decide how to conduct the ceremonies so that everyone feels that they have received their due respect at the wedding. 

Conflicting Religious Beliefs

Every religion has its own set of rituals and customs which need to be followed during the weddings. Besides this, even if two families belong to the same religion, still there might be certain differences with respect to the way the rituals have to be conducted during the various wedding ceremonies. The parents may find themselves in a situation, where their religious beliefs may be in contradiction with the religious beliefs of the family of the spouse of their child. In such a situation taking the call of either to give up their own beliefs or insist on things being done their way can pose a big dilemma for the parents, as they would not like to be in a confrontational situation with the in-laws of their child, especially during the wedding. 


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