Perfect Tips for Purchasing Wedding Bomboniries 

Perfect Tips for Purchasing Wedding Bomboniries

Giving favors to the guests who have taken out time to visit the wedding and bless the marrying couple is something which is a common practice at every wedding. However, it has also been seen over the years that the wedding bomboniries, on which the hosts of the wedding spend large sums of money, get thrown away in the trash bin by the guests the very next day of the wedding. The only way to ensure that the wedding guests respect your bomboniries and keep them as a memory of your wedding is to present them with something that they would relish and appreciate. 

This makes it important that you put is a lot of thought when buying these favors. Some of the tips which you can keep in mind when deciding on these bomboniries are as follows: 

Find Practical Gifts

Do not make the mistake of giving soft toys, which you feel are a symbol of love, to the adult members of your wedding party. Trust me they would never appreciate them and the same will find themselves in the trash bin very soon. It is very important that you have a very practical approach towards finding a wedding favor for your guests. Edible favors are always appreciated and rarely fail to impress the guests. You can even get these edible items monogrammed with the names or photos of the bride and the groom, in order to give them a personal feel. 

Try Out Before Buying The Favors

Whether you are giving something edible as a party favor or something else, it is always better to order a sample of the same and try it out personally before placing the final order for the same. You do not want to end up gifting something that does not taste good or homemade goods, which may be impractical when, put to use to your guests. The only way to ensure that the item you have selected as a favor for your guests is good is by trying it out before actually buying it. 

Order Extra

A very common mistake that many wedding hosts make is that they order a quantity of these wedding favors which is exactly equal to their guest list. This is wrong. During a wedding ceremony, if a guest asks you for an extra wedding favor, you cannot say no to the guests, and if you have ordered the exact quantity, you might be forced to send away some other guest without a favor. Besides this, there is also a chance that when you are ordering something in such large quantities, a couple of boxes or pieces of the favor might turn out to be damaged and therefore you may again find yourself short of favors. The only solution to this problem is to order extra pieces of favor right from the start. 

Wrapping and Display

Irrespective of the cost of favor inside, it is always good to wrap and display these favor at the wedding venue in the most elegant manner. This helps in creating a very good impression on the minds of the guests, about both the wedding as well as the standard of the favor.


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