Perfect Wordings For Your Wedding Invitations 

Perfect Wordings For Your Wedding Invitations

The wordings of wedding invitations need to be perfect. These wordings should be such that they strike the perfect balance between providing all the necessary information to the wedding guests and at the same time communicating the personal emotions of the bride and the groom as well. This task of coming up with the right words for a wedding invitation can be a daunting task. 
Below are a few tips, which can help in making this task a little easier for you. 

The Basic Information

The main purpose of sending out these invitations is to inform the guests about the wedding and invite them for the same. Therefore, it is important that all the information with respect to the wedding should be enclosed in the wedding card. Some of the basic information which every wedding invitation must contain is as follows:

- The names of the bride and the groom
- The names of parents of the bride and the groom or the hosts of the wedding ceremony.
- All the details with respect to the wedding ceremony like the wedding date, wedding venue, wedding time, wedding theme (if any), etc. 

Once all the basic information has been provided in the card, the next step is to give the card a more of a personal touch. Some of the ways through which words can be used for adding feelings to a wedding invitation card are as follows:

Famous Poems

There are many great authors and poets who have said many a beautiful things about weddings, the institution of marriage and the love between a husband and a wife. You can do some research and find some great poems and words from these great people and incorporate the same in the card. 


You can even incorporate some important prayer in the card, thus seeking the blessings from the divine lord and hoping that the marriage would be a huge success. 

Personal Feelings

In case the bride, the groom, or anyone in their close family like their parents, brothers, sisters, etc. are really good with words, then they can be asked to pen down something special, personal and meaningful for the couple and the same can be used in the wedding card as well. 

Besides sharing personal feelings, it is also important that when drafting the words for the wedding card, the feelings of the wedding guests are also taken into consideration. The way the card is addressed to the guests should be correct. Their names should be written in full and the spelling of the names should be doubled checked, as a mistake in writing the names of the guests can really hurt the feelings of some guests. Besides this, the salutations used, like Mr. Mrs., Miss, etc., should also be used very carefully and after confirming the current status of each guests. 

Thus, preparing the correct wordings for a wedding invitation card is not a very easy job. However, by putting in a little mind and heart together in this task, you will surely be able to come up the best words for your wedding card. 


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