Photograph Your Most Special Dress- The Lehenga for Posterity 

Photograph Your Most Special Dress- The Lehenga for Posterity

The wedding lehenga, the most favorite dress of the bride, is the one which is most close to the heart of the bride and the dress she is ever gonna wear again. Loads of photographs are clicked and are cherished in your wedding dress. Don’t forget to click some memorable photos of it. At least two or three of the shots must be dedicated solely to the lehenga only. The older way to get your wedding lehenga photographed, by hanging on the closet door or wall and getting it clicked has now become obsolete. Have the views of some fresh ideas to click beauty of timeless outfit -

Hang your lehenga outdoors on the trees-

Capture super pretty picture by hanging the lehenga nailed to a tree is an innovative way to cherish the background. Lot of gorg outdoors shots make the colour and work of the lehenga so much against the green and brown.

2. Hang it by surrounded flowers-

If the lehenga has a floral pattern on it and you hang the one under a pretty floral creeper or floral arrangement- brings the beautiful pictures.

3. Place it on a cliff- 

Sounding awkward Na..? OMG wat would happen if it would fall. OMG the beauty of the water and the natural landscape would go for the wonderful click.

4. Hang the lehenga with fairy lights in the backdrop-

The super chaotic and illuminating shot is captured by making a set up in advance. The work on the lehenga, when illuminates with the fairy lights, appear amazing on the D-day.

5. Place it in a vintage trunk-

How innovative yet adorable is this? Use any vintage item from your mom and granny’s place to showcase your modern lehenga.

6. While sharing a intimate moment-

Before you get dressed, share an intimate moment- that would really be a frame able shot.

7. in a Rustic Set-up 

If you have such a spot where you stay or at the wedding venue, then it can make for an awesome location to shoot your lehenga!

8. Hang next to the dressing table-

A vintage mirror is a surefire way to showcase the vanity space of a bride and with a lehenga perched on top of it, gives it a neat bollywood touch!


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