Picking The Best Makeup Artists For Your Bridal And Party Makeup 

Picking The Best Makeup Artists For Your Bridal And Party Makeup

Hiring the services of a makeup artist is a big investment, especially if you want to hire the services of one of the top and the best makeup artists in your city or country. However, if it is a really special day in your life like your wedding day, or a party thrown for you baby, etc., it is imperative that since you are going to be the center of attraction at these events, therefore, you need to look absolutely stunning, and hence, spending some money on getting that star look for yourself is totally worth it.


If you are searching for a great makeup artist, then below is a list of some the top names in the industry, whom you can consider for yourself:


Mrinali Kalia

Best Makeup Artist in Delhi

She is a freelance makeup artist in Delhi. From basic makeup services to the latest airbrush services, she offers everything to her client. She has been in the business for quite some time now and has been responsible for the fabulous looks of numerous brides over the years. However, she does not pay personal visits to the venue, and if you want to hire her services, you will have to visit her makeup studio and get ready there only. For getting an idea about the quality of her services, you can ask for a free nail polish change, where you would be able to witness her creative genius and also the command that she has over her art.


Meenakshi Dutt

Famous Make up artist in Delhi

Meenakshi Dutt is a well known makeup artist in Delhi, and her prices are not too unreasonable as well. Therefore, by spending a small amount of 5000/-, you would be able to get the best bridal makeup for yourself, done using the airbrush service. To get a personalized experience of the quality of her services, you can get a free trial of hair styling done from her, before actually booking her services. She is also prepared to provide her services directly at the venue itself. 


Shweta Gaur

Delhi Based Makeup Artist

Shweta is also a Delhi based makeup artist. However, she does offer the service of home visits and therefore, if you are ready to pay the extra price, you can request for her services in any other city as well. She also uses the latest technologies and best cosmetic products for her makeup work. Her trial policy gives you a free hair styling, to let you know that she understands your face and what would look best on the same. 


Reshu Nagpal

Professional Makeup Artist in Delhi

Reshu is known for her makeup skills through which she is able to enhance the features and make you look prettier than ever before. However, she does not have airbrush service, nor does she make visits to the venue. You can check out her service quality with a nail polish change. She is a great choice for party makeup for the entire family. 


Priyam Nathani

Expert Bridal Makeup Artist in Delhi

Priyam is an expert bridal makeup artist in Delhi. Her airbrush services, which she can provide, even at the venue itself, are pretty good. Get a free hair styling done to know her skills and capabilities. 


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