Plan A New Way To Honeymoon 

Plan A New Way To Honeymoon

Going on a honeymoon after a wedding is a tradition which is followed by every community all over the world. After all the stressful planning and the hustle bustle of the wedding ceremonies, the honeymoon is the perfect way for the bride and the groom to move away from the crowd, relax a little and spend quality time together in each other company and plan their future together. 

Honeymoons are synonymous with romance and love, and therefore, when planning a honeymoon, couples generally try to pick romantic destinations, plan some exotic dinner and other similar romantic stuff. However, if you are not one of those people who like to go all mushy, but prefer to do something more exciting in order to relax and show your true side to your newly wedded husband or wife, you can plan your honeymoon in a slightly different way. There are new ways and activities which you can plan for your honeymoon, which can make your honeymoon more thrilling and exciting than a regular run of the mill romantic honeymoon. 

Some of these activities, which you can plan for your honeymoon, include are as follows:

Balloon Ride Over The Desserts

Imagine sitting in a huge hot air balloon, just you and your newly wedded wife and the balloon tales you across the most beautiful dessert. The rays of the setting sun make the sand below glow like gold, making you feel like you are the king and the queen of the world and have all the gold of the world under your feet. This balloon ride can be far more romantic than any dinner in any fancy restaurant, and at the same time, this ride can be quite thrilling and exciting as well. 

Stay In A Treehouse Rather Than A 5 Star Hotel Room

If you are someone who is in love with nature and loves being close to nature, then you can book a treehouse for your stay during the honeymoon, rather than opting to stay in a concrete 5 star hotel room. You would be practically living, sleeping and eating with nature here and in return, the nature will offer you some of the best and most romantic moments of your life. This stay of yours in a treehouse is surely something that both you and your wife will enjoy and would want to do at least once more in your lifetime. 

Cycling Trips Around The Countryside

If both you and your partner enjoy an active lifestyle, then missing out on all the workouts during the honeymoon can be a little frustrating for you. However, if you plan some nice countryside cycling trips during your honeymoon, you can make exercising into the most romantic journey. Both you and your partner can enjoy the beauty of the countryside with each other, while leisurely riding around in your bikes together.

There are many other similar unique ideas which you can come up with in order to make your honeymoon more suitable to your personal taste and style, rather than simply blindly following the path of romantic destinations which all the other couples are doing. 


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