Plan A Rich and Royal Wedding Cocktail Party 

Plan A Rich and Royal Wedding Cocktail Party

Becoming your own wedding planner might sound tedious, however it's very simple. Most wedding planners charge an overinflated cost for your preparation from the music entertainment to food and everything.  By being little vigilant and innovative you can set aside to half of the cost and make your special occasion some more exceptional. Your guests will mind significantly more about really eating titbits than how it is exhibited to them, and you won't need to pay the additional hold up staff. Here are some of the top pick, snappy and simple thoughts you can utilize for your special guests: 

Idea of starters and drinks

Your guests will presumably be ravenous when they touch base at the gathering, and the majority of them won't mind what they eat the length of they can have some kind of nibble before supper. So set out some wafers, cheddar squares, and some organic product to fulfil them exceptionally.  

Bring your own particular brew, wine, and alcohol, you won't need to pay the swelled costs that the venue will charge if they somehow managed to give you authority of bringing your own drinks. Limit the sorts of mixed refreshments served to simply wine and brew so you won't need to pay for alcohol. Non-mixed beverages like solidified mocha and organic product smoothies will limit the consumption of alcohol and bring the treat to taste buds.  

However if you truly need to serve alcohol, consider serving one signature drink, maybe you or your future life partners' top choice. It would be a good time for the guests to give it a shot, and it would spare you cash since it would require constrained liquor. 

Main Course

 Keeping in mind the end goal to locate the best arrangement, ensure delicious food but affordable. Check the prices of both plated and buffet meals and run with the less expensive that professional venues offer. Breakfast and lunch cost not as much as dinner so think about having a daytime wedding. You could have various stations if you are opting buffet system; a vegetarian station or a non-vegetarian station; a north Indian station or a south Indian station etc. There are no official wedding food rules and on the off chance that you and your partner like whatever style- Indian, Chinese, Italian, Mexican; you can choose your choices. It's your wedding so serve sustenance you adore, and you could spare no doubt. 

Numerous food items are seasonal, so ensure you don't serve anything out of season. This can be exorbitant on the grounds that the food items should be transported long distance, which swells costs. However this is a useful tip for wedding ceremony also.


It might entice to have an indulgent cake to please the allurement however a great many people don't eat the wedding cake; you can add cupcakes or else you could choose sacks of confection to serve in distinctive dishes on a treat buffet. Alternately, you can have diverse sweets like gulan jamun, rasgullas etc. for your guests to look over. This is much less expensive than a wedding cake and significantly more fun. 


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