Plan Your Wedding Drinks Meticulously - Cheers 

Plan Your Wedding Drinks Meticulously - Cheers

The wedding guests generate pomp and fervor. Fooding as well as the drinks constitute the major fervorful components. However, these delicacies are practical aspects of the experience. And the exact orders for the wedding drinks cannot be minefield that how much budget should be allocated to the wedding drinks per person. 

The insight into the quantity to be ordered-

It’s quite natural to get confused about the quantity of the alcohol to be bought for the D-day. The under order or the over order, which can be optimum? As a rule of thumb, always try to avoid a drought. Avoid the stock of wine running lack of. It’s better to keep the Good stock of wine.  Half a bottle of champagne or  sparkling wine plus three quarters of the bottles of white wine, add three quarters of the bottle of the red wine, fresh juice-half a liter and one liter of water are ideal for morning and evening celebration.

Consider corkage fees

it’s usual to be seen the venues or the caters providing the drink along with their services. To have control over the budget, you can talk about the providing the drink rather making them arrange the drinks for you. The major consideration is about the corkage fees too. You should be aware enough about the same. It can be from the reasonable to the astronomical. The bottles you buy and bring into the venue may be the reason for that extra burden on your pocket. To consider the corkage fees on multi-bottle buy, always check twice the fees of the corkage.  

Reception and toasting drinks

Most commonly, flutes of Champagne are served to guests as both the welcome and toasting drinks. However there are some great tasting sparkling wines, Prosecco and Cava available, which can help to keep down costs. If you’re looking to save money without sacrificing elegance and style, instead of serving more pricey Champagnes, why not serve this Sparkling Gold wine which actually sparkles!

Better to customize your drink-

These customized drinks have been in vogue for last few years. Mix sparkling white wine cocktails. The elder flower liqueur or cordial, rose liquor and blue nun sparkling gold wine are ideal for customization.

Keep blend of traditional cum contemporary jars and glasses

The use of traditional fluted champagne glasses has been obsolete. So you need not necessarily go for the same kind of the glasses or the jars. The recent trend is to see a variety of the different receptacles like as mason jars or jam jars, vintage glasses and the tea cups.

Non-alcoholic cocktails and juices for non-drinking guests-

It is imperative to note for the guests who are non alcoholic. Take special consideration of juices, mineral waters, colored waters and even the cock tails of non alcoholic type. All this is mandatory to keep them in pace.

Season specific wine- 

The drinks you cater to fulfill the requirement of the guests must reflect the time of the year or vice versa. A perfect epitome is to serve floral and elder flower based cocktails for the summer weddings, whereas the mulled wine is best options for the Christmas or the winter weddings.

Miniature bottles of alcohol as the wedding favors-

Guests feel a privilege in having the wedding return gifts especially if they are wines. For instance the whiskey is happily received by most of the men, on the contrary, sparkling wine or spirits are best options for the ladies who like to drink alcoholic stuffs.

Count for Decorative varieties too
The ice cubes can be decorated by infusing herbs, fresh fruits and the edible flowers. Their infusion into the ice cubes provide the decorative ice cubes to incorporate the extra element of elegance to further add the color to your theme wedding. The glass charms can further add more of ideas in addition to the straws.

Engage servers to pour the wine rather than keeping the bottles there- 

to avoid the wastage and to encourage the sipping of single kind of the wine, let your servers pour the wine instead of keeping the wine bottles there. It would otherwise encourage the diners to top up each other’s drinks even if they don’t plan on finishing their glasses.


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