Planning a Military Wedding 

Planning a Military Wedding

For every branch of armed forces there are distinctive wedding traditions and customs that apply which showcase national pride and steadfastness. Here, a few tips for arranging your military wedding. 

  • Consider a Military Chapel or Academy Grounds
Numerous military weddings happen at military sanctuaries or on institute grounds (Army, Navy, or Air Force). In the event that you'd like to utilize another area, run it by your establishment. Most military sanctuaries are similar to popular wedding sites- you have to get them reserved no less than a year early. All military foundations have more than chapel; There will most likely be no charge for the utilization of the place; however a gift to the chapel will be pleasant. 

  • Seat Guests According to Rank 
Special care must be taken while arranging the seating at a military wedding. All high-positioning authorities (lieutenant, colonel, or more) must be situated in positions of honor at both the service and reception. Also, a unique spot ought to be saved for the commanding officer of spouse and/or groom. On the off chance that the couple's guardians aren't available, it's standard to situate their summoning officer(s) and companions in the front seat. Taking after, military visitors ought to likewise be situated by. 

  • Obey Traditional Military Attire 
In the event that the lucky man is an individual from the military, he should wear his suitable military dress uniform. Contingent upon his branch of administration and regardless of whether he's a charged officer, the lucky man might choose to wear a saber or cutlass, which must be joined by white gloves. The spouse stands on his right side at the sacred place  so as to stay away from the blade. On the off chance that the lady is in the administration, she has her decision of wearing possibly her military dress uniform or a customary wedding outfit. In any case, she might hold a wedding bunch. 

  • Cutting the Cake 
For charged officers, the military puts one of a kind twist on this custom. On order, the saber or cutlass bearers enter the banquet hall in reception before the wedding cake, facing one another. The spouse and groom go underneath the sword/saber curve once more, and approach the cake. The husband to be hands his new spouse his unsheathed sword saber, and with his hands over hers, they cut the first bit of cake together.

  • The Receiving Line 
In the receiving line, convention requests the formally dressed husband to go before his lady. Regularly, national colour and recognizing banners are shown, specifically behind the centre of this line. 


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