Planning A Wedding? Here Is 20+ Wedding Planning Tips And Tricks 

Planning A Wedding? Here Is 20+ Wedding Planning Tips And Tricks

The wedding session is on, and if you are planning a wedding, there are certain things that are nice to keep in mind. Indian wedding arrangements require quite a use of creativity, money and focused minds. There are so many small and big things that must not be missed which create tension and many a times people freak out. Well, go through our wedding planning tips on a budget provided below. I m sure much of your worry will be gone by the end of reading thing article.


1. Prioritise your Budget


Wedding Budget


In the process of planning a wedding, one need to prioritise the budget first as it is the driving force to take many other decisions related to wedding. Have a clear discussion with the family members to know the actual figure you have in hand to spend. Once the amount is decided, stick to it. Many people search for, how to plan a wedding on a small budget. I must tell you it is not difficult at all, you only need to work in an organised way.


2. Set aside a certain amount for surprise expense


Surprise Expenses


It is always safe to keep 8-10% of your budget for surprise expenses. Wedding is a big event and it is rare that everything will be as perfect as expected. Mistakes might happen, and you will need some extra amount in hand to correct them. At that time this saved amount will play its role. This is one of the most important wedding planning tips that the planners use.


3. List the number of people to be invited


Wedding Guests


One should have a clear picture of the number of people witnessing the wedding ritual as your next decision of booking the wedding location will be based on this only. You need comparatively bigger area to occupy large number of guests. Though, not everyone whom you invite will come, you will surely have a rough picture of how big is the area in which you need to perform the ritual.


4. Book the wedding Location


Wedding Venue


As early as the wedding date is finalised, one should start the search of the wedding destination. That’s the chief task of wedding planning. Since, there are only few particular dates on which the weddings are performed especially in Hindu religion, the banquet halls and resorts are booked months before the wedding day. Instead of regretting of not getting the desired location, book it well on time.


5. Don’t forget to provide Exact Driving Directions


Wedding Invitation Cards


Make sure that the guests don’t face any problem to reach the wedding destination. In order to achieve this, you can get the route printed on the wedding invitation. You can also use online map apps and share the link digitally with your guests.


6. Stay at ease with Traditions


Wedding Traditions


Among many Wedding planning tips, this one is very useful. Traditions, undoubtedly, are the legacy which we have inherited from our past since time immemorial which we still continue to follow as a part of our culture. But, if you feel uncomfortable with some or the other tradition, be flexible and change them your way. Wedding should more be enjoyed rather than feeling burdened.


7. Set a priority List and Work Accordingly


Wedding Guests


Sit calmly and list those things on which you cannot compromise. Work on every detail related to it, and you should be ready to compromise on the rest of the things. This will help you be in budget. This is one of the wedding planner secrets that help them deal with the finance issue.


8. Plan your Menu for every event in the wedding


Wedding Menu


Meal is an important part of Indian wedding arrangements. Wedding is a big event that includes many small events in it. Menu for every event should be decided beforehand so that there will be no chaos at that moment. The snacks, drinks, main course, desserts, and even the sweet that will be distributed after the marriage should be pre decided.


9. Have the emergency Contact numbers Handy


Emergency Contact No.


You should have the list of contact details of all the vendors saved in your mobile. Emergency never comes with a declaration. This is one of the very important step not to be skip when you are working on how to plan a wedding step by step.


10. Choose the wedding Date wisely


Wedding Date


Make sure that your wedding day don’t clash with any other big event in the city. Or it should not fall on the day when there are chances that many other people will also plan similar event. Because there are probable chances of traffic problem then. If you are planning to organise your wedding in an open area, you need to be sure that there are no or minimum chances of rain at that time. Similarly, you will have to make prior arrangements if you are planning your wedding in chilling winters.


11. Pre-Wedding Shoots- Not to be missed


Pre Wedding Shoot


If you are planning a wedding, well pre-wedding shoots are much in trend these days. People create memories for lifetime this way. The bride and groom get themselves clicked together. Such candid pics will bring smile on your face whenever you will look at them. Don’t miss it anyway.


12. Get to Know each other well in your courtship period


Couple Bond


It’s the time when the bride and groom develop a bond of love, respect, trust and believe. Use it nicely to explore each other well to understand and except the differences well. This is the most romantic time that is cherished life-long.


13. Get the List of Dancing tracks Ready for the Sangeet Ceremony


Sangeet Songs


This is a tedious job but have quite a big importance in the events. Pick energetic songs to add in your list to bring everyone on the dance floor.


14. Keep Kid’s Engagements Corner without a fail

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