Planning The Perfect Engagement Party 

The engagement ceremony is the first step in the series of functions and ceremonies that happen at a wedding. This party is basically an announcement which the bride and the groom make to all their friends and family members, about their desire to marry each other and thereby announce the date for the wedding as well. Since this engagement party is sort of a kick start to all the fun of the wedding, therefore, it is important that this party should be planned in a proper fashion. 

Below are the steps for planning a perfect engagement party:

Decide The Host For The Party

Traditionally, this party was supposed to be hosted by the parents of the bride, but things have changed these days and anyone, the parents of the groom or the bride and the groom themselves can also host their own engagement party. Therefore, the first step in planning this party is to figure out who would be the host for the party. 

Take The Take To Make The Preparations

Many couples make the mistake of setting the take for the engagement party to be very close to the day when the proposal for the marriage is accepted. This hardly gives the bride, the groom or their families any breathing space and therefore they do not have the time to make proper plans for the party. Hence, it is always better, to take some time and fix a date for the engagement, which would give everyone the time needed to settle their nerves and make proper plans for the party. 

Calculate Your Finances

Just like when planning a wedding, even in the case of the engagement, you need to figure out the exact budget, which you would be ready to spend on the planning of this party. In fact, for many people, the amount that they spend on this engagement party, gets deducted from the overall budget for the wedding, and therefore, it is important that all the budgeting for this party is done carefully, since you do not want to spend too much money on this party and then end up making compromises on the wedding preparations.

Get The Guest List Together

Although a very important ceremony, the engagement party is a comparatively a much smaller affair than a wedding, and therefore, the guest list for this party would be very different from the guest list for the wedding. For an engagement party, you would only be inviting those friends and family members who are close to you and you stay locally. Invites to the outstation guests for this ceremony are rare. 

Select And Book A Venue

The next thing that you need to do is depending on the number of people you are inviting for the ceremony and the level of formality that you wish have for the ceremony, you need to find an appropriate venue for the party to take place and book the same ASAP.

Food And Decorations

Once the venue has been selected, next pick the menu and the decorations that would be put up for the ceremony. If you wish to plan something special for the evening, arrangements for the same should also be made. 


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