Planning Your Wedding Yourself On PC 

Planning Your Wedding Yourself On PC

Planning your wedding can be a wonderful experience of your life and you can do it together with your partner to make it even more memorable and perfect. Planning a wedding is a very exhausting and overwhelming task. In order to set things in order you must first prepare a thorough wedding planning checklist. However, now-a- days wedding planning have been simplified to a great extent with the help of wedding planning websites. If you have a personal computer and internet connection you can very easily plan your wedding in a well-organized manner. Here are some tips on wedding planning which would help you in doing the herculean task all by yourself without having to hire any wedding planner.

Advantages of Planning Your Wedding Online

If you plan your wedding by taking help of the various websites and web portals available online, you will be able to manage and organize everything according to your time, convenience, budget and requirements. Several honeymoon packages are offered by websites which may help you in planning your honeymoon at your dream location and in affordable prices. You do not need to travel and meet several people to discuss about your wedding plan in case you prefer to do it online by sitting at your home.

Begin Early with Wedding Planning

Starting early with wedding planning if you have to do it all by yourself, will give you ample amount of time to modify or re-schedule something. You can make wise choices by going through several options and selecting the most economical one which suits your wedding budget. If you start early you can fix up your wedding date after consulting with your partner, close friends and relatives depending upon everybody’s convenience and availability.

Steps to Follow when Planning for Wedding on Personal Computer

  1. Create a new folder for your wedding planning.

  2. Make a budget for your wedding keeping into consideration the contributions which would be made by your family. 

  3. Start your planning by making a checklist.

  4. Sort out the guest list for your wedding reception. You can make columns like name of guest, contact information, role assigned, wedding gift, etc.

  5. Fixing up the wedding date by discussing with yours and your partner’s family members.

  6. Decide and book the wedding party venue, depending upon where you find it most convenient and economical.

  7. Research for the best videographer and photographer for wedding depending upon their availability and quality of services.

  8. Hire the music band for your wedding party.

  9. Meet the caterers for your wedding reception and finalize the menu.

  10. Purchase your wedding dress and give it for fitting or alterations if required.

  11. Reserve hotel rooms for stay of your guests.

  12. Distribute your wedding invitation cards. Post them well in advance to the guests staying out of the town where wedding reception is to take place.

  13. You can also create and launch a personalized wedding website for your family and friends where you can upload the details of your wedding venue and also share the engagement and pre-wedding shoot photographs.


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