Pocket Friendly Wedding Reception Decoration 

Pocket Friendly Wedding Reception Decoration

Weddings are an extravagant affair and often weigh a lot on your pocket. A great way to reduce on your wedding expenses is by switching to budget friendly wedding decorations. Since decorations are used only once, you can rather splurge on other areas and use cheap yet elegant decoration ideas. Pocket friendly decorations can also be more environments friendly. 


While high in aesthetic value, flowers also add the much needed fragrance and freshness to your wedding. Opt for seasonal flowers as they’re easily available at best prices and are environment friendly. While choosing your flowers, make sure that you pick up the same color or different shades of the same color so that your wedding does not end up looking like a garden. You can also grow your own flowers for a casual wedding. Displaying a bunch of flowers at your wedding will also symbolize a love that grows. 

Beautiful lighting fixtures

Lighting fixtures in antique and classic styles are a great way to give your wedding a decorative boost, while transporting you to 90s. They’re easily available and cheap. You can also opt for party light, disco lights elegant lights in bright hues to spruce up your wedding reception. You can hang them from the ceiling, add them around the tables or wrap them around the plants. Go for lanterns if you wish to add more sophistication to your reception. 


Nothing matches the romantic aura that is created by an array of candles. Being easy on your pocket, candles add the much needed spark and shine to your wedding. Opt for stylish candle vases available in a variety of shapes. 

Inexpensive embellishments

You can also add inexpensive and beautiful embellishments such as ribbons, ruffles, bows, beads, feathers, pearls, etc. Whatever you choose, make sure that it matches with the shade of your wedding décor. You can also add a water fountain at the entrance of your wedding. 

Food as a decoration

Good food is an indispensable part of every wedding reception. While satisfying the appetite, food can also serve as a great way of decorating and beautifying your wedding. Arrange the platters beautifully and add a lot of garnishing on your food. Creamy desserts, rustic bread and gorgeous cutlery create a festive and a lively environment. You can also keep the wedding cake in the center instead of saving it for later. Don’t forget to decorate your food table.

Display your own pictures and videos

A great way to make your wedding day memorable in a pocket-friendly way is by displaying a slideshow of your pictures and videos. You can also display the making of the wedding and all the effort that went into making it a success. Another great idea is to display your journey as a couple from then to now and how you went on to realize that you want to marry each other. You can also begin with displaying your childhood pictures or any cherished memories. 

 Get creative

Whatever decoration you use, don’t forget to get creative and artsy. You can wrap your cutlery in designer papers or make your own recycled flower vases from trash. Another great and cheap idea is to add a little sparkle to your wine bottles or glasses. There’s no limit to the creativity that you can show at your wedding. 


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