Pointers For The Postage Used On Wedding Invitations 

Pointers For The Postage Used On Wedding Invitations

So you have managed to pick out the best invitation cards for your wedding. The same have been printed and delivered to you and you are absolutely happy with the results. But at this point of time, it is important to remember that the biggest task with respect to these wedding invitations still remains, and that is to send them out through the mail to the respective wedding guests. Before, you put these wedding cards in the postage; you must keep the followings tips or pointers in mind, in order to ensure that there is no problem in the delivery of your invitations. 

Assemble The Cards

Before the cards are sent to the postage house, they need to be assembled first. The bride and the groom need to assemble stuff and address each card properly, so that no problem arises at the post office. Some of the steps that you would have to take for assembling these cards are as follows:

- The main invite should be placed right at the bottom and then all the other miscellaneous cards should be placed on top of it in the order of their decreasing size. 

- The RSVP card should be placed inside the reply envelope.

- All the cards should be placed inside the envelope with the wordings facing the outwards, so that as the guest opens the card, he or she is able to read the words. 

- The inner envelope should then be placed in the outer envelope which is then sealed and the name of the wedding guests and address is written of this outer envelope.

Stamp The RSVP Envelopes

The reply envelopes that are used for the RSVP cards should be properly stamped before they are sent to the guests. This is done for two reasons:

-  First, it is rude you make your guests pay for the stamp.
-  Second, you do not want your guests to put in the reply envelope in the mail without attaching a proper stamp to it. 

Get Your Invitations Hand Processed

The machines that are installed at the post offices are capable of processing envelopes of certain size and weight only. In case, your wedding invite is heavy or bigger in its dimensions, then the machine would not be able to process it and therefore, you might end up wasting a lot of time there. Hence, it is always better to get your wedding invitations, hand processed, although you might be asked to pay a little extra for this service. 



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