Polygamy Marriages 

Polygamy Marriages

Polygamy in Hinduism is not practiced now as it has been considered illegal and an ill practice. But history has its proofs that polygamy was practiced in early and ancient time. It has been found that many rich and royal kings following Hinduism had concubines for pleasure and as a custom. The concept of multiple wives has now become a history and has been extincted but it was vivaciously followed in our history. Also today there are efforts done for a uniform marital law that stands against polygamy in India. Also during the medieval time it was allowed and promoted to have multiple wives. There were also concepts that the first wife for a Brahmin has to be of same caste but second one can be a ksatriya and third and fourth can be anyone he liked.

History of polygamy

More than five hundred years ago, records speak that polygamy was briefly practiced and it was an honor and privileged to have more than one wife. Although polygamy is now banned in Hinduism but many people change themselves to Islam for the sake of second wife. Although this was not considered right and legally there is a law passed against the change of religion for the lust of more wives. Theories apart it is still considered in Hinduism that marriage couples are made in heaven and it is god who decides your wedlock partner. Marriage is considered as sacred custom and traditional way to take your culture to next generation and live a prosperous life. It is a lifelong commitment of love and respect that weaves two families and lives together. Also in Hinduism marriage is considered as a respectful way to repay the ancestors debt of given life and heritage.

Marriages in Hinduism  

Marriage in Hinduism also comes in various forms according to different culture and different customs. One of the forms is arranged marriage. In this type of wedding, families of both sides of bride and groom with mutual cooperation and understanding tie wedding knots with the girl and boy


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