Popular Indian Wedding Games 

Popular Indian Wedding Games

During wedding the guests have to sit for a long time and see the wedding rituals. While the bride and the groom and his family members are busy in ceremonies, the guests may feel bored. You can make your wedding quite memorable it you plan some wedding games that keep the guests entertaining and engaged all the times. You may ask the wedding planner to arrange these games or prepare some of your friends to create the fun and enjoyment in your marriage.    

Here are a few games that may be included.

That Belongs to My Wife

When the guests are sitting, some items like clutch, jewellery or shoes etc. may be asked from one of the lady and the question may be put to audience to identify whose it belongs. The man will see and claim that item belongs to his wife. The same thing can be done for ladies as well and they will claim that the item belongs to their husband. It will be a fun as well as a symbol for the men and women to test themselves as to how much they know their partner and his/her belongings. 

Test the Couple

Your wedding may provide an opportunity to test the compatibility of the couples present there. A pair of five to ten couples may be asked to hold the hands of each other and come to the desk (where the game is being played). Now they will be asked to stand back to back to back. After handing over a piece of paper they will be asked to answer some questions like date of birth of spouse, anniversary date, their favourite dishes, favourite colour etc. After they have answered the questions, the paper will be taken back and his/her spouse will be asked to guess the answer by the spouse. A match of answer will be more compatibility of spouse. 

Guess the ingredients

Some item from the food served in the feast will be selected and will be passed to a number of guests to taste and write the ingredients in one minute. The person writing the maximum number of ingredients will be the winner. 

Do you have


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