Popular Jewish Wedding Music Trends 

Popular Jewish Wedding Music Trends

Most of the Jewish weddings being the traditional (the combination of traditions and customs), the wedding music becomes an integral part of it. If you happen to be in a Jewish wedding, you may not forget the wedding dance mixed with live music.  
It is not surprising that many young and old couples devote their considerable time in participating as well as watching carefully the wedding reception music and traditional dances associated with it. With the passage of time, nothing more has changed in Jewish music trends.  

Purpose of Music and Dance 

The music and dance is used to entertain people and express joy. It brings the inner feeling of human begins. You might have seen many people, who are introvert in other case, but when they hear the tunes of music instruments and wedding guitarist, they can’t stop their legs from shaking. The Jewish, by using traditional music and dances as integral part of wedding celebrations, pay homage to their ancient traditions. 

The Wedding Band

The wedding band hired by the Jewish is generally familiar with both the ancient and contemporary Jewish music. But the unique feature of the Jewish wedding is that the dance is started by the newlywed couple and other members join later. 

Popular Dance and Music

On the music for weddings, the popular dances performed by the Jewish are mezinke (krenzl), horah, Israeli folk dance, broiges and yemenite. In the Hora dance, the guests lift the newlywed couple on their shoulders. The couple hold the different end of handkerchief. The guests dance around them in large circles. When this is done the wedding music bands play the song Hava Nagila. 

The Mezinke Tanz is performed when the last daughter is married. In this dance, the mother of the bride is made to sit at the centre and she is made to wear crown of flowers. The guests along with her daughter dance around her.

Gladdening of the Bride is the dance where the bride is made to sit at the centre of dance floor and the guests dance around her. 

There are some special music and dance styles that are performed at wedding reception itself. The Yemenite is one of them. It is performed in a confined space and consists of only three steps while the wedding music list keeps on progressing. 

It is matter to note that with the change of time, the Jewish don’t change their change of music to great expert. The old flavour of wedding music can be seen very easily. The two types of processional music have remained unchanged from centuries. First type is played when other guest as well as the groom arrives and the second is specially made for the bride. The music played on instruments during actual ceremony as well as signing of register keep the guests and other people informed as to which ritual is being performed. The Jewish like to hire bands instead of DJ. The music is produced by use of Klezmer, a drum, cello, a clarinet and hammered dulcimers. 


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