Popular Wedding Invitation Mistakes 

Popular Wedding Invitation Mistakes

The wedding invitation is the part and parcel of every wedding, whether it’s royal or is the simplest one. Regardless of the wedding guests, more or less in number, the invitations are remembered for a long time. But these invitations become the source of trouble, if it comes about the wedding budget. The smallest mistake committed nintentionally even leads to totally blow up of the wedding budget. Here are some common invitation mistakes which are pondered upon and are worthwhile from the point view of the wedding-

- Unable to print extra invites in the first lot-  this first point of ordering the extra invites in the first lot leads to the bigger savings. In addition, the extra cards required after a month, say 20 in number even can be fulfilled. The failure of which otherwise may lead to serious repercussions there after regarding the budget and some special orders are given which may be extremely tedious and expensive than the overall first lot. Moreover, the printer now can charge exorbitant per card.

- Unable to pay adequate attention to the time mentioned- the Indian timings are always approximately 1-2 hours late than the standard timings. The Indian people are always prone to get delayed, even the ladies sangeet suppose has to commence at 9 p.m, people are going to come around 10-10.30. It depicts that the rituals, which are going to be planned are totally going to be hay wire. If it commences too late, it would be extremely difficult to finish that on the time. Everything would be delayed up to a significant effect. The common trick here is to give always the time of one hour before so that the guests are supposed to arrive before the tentative time, and not accordingly the Indian timings.

- Proof reading in hurry rather – As proof reading is must for every kind of the invitation cards, to check the spelling mistake or to have the idea about the accuracy of the text mentioned. Here, a small mistake even committed in the proof reading may lead to the disruption of the entire invitation lot. So proof reading is absolutely must and in addition, must be done in extreme motion to have the mistake proof text or the invitation.

- Unable to consider the weather for giving favors- the perfect epitome of this kind is to give chocolate balls or hand rolled chocolates in the month of the June. It’s totally wrong idea, as in the summer of June; these chocolates would melt and would cause an icky (although yummy) mess.  Consider summer wedding favors while giving favors in the month of summers.

- Getting higher stock of invitation boxes when your guests are out of the town- the super pretty invitation boxes which are so elegant plus the regal are costlier to send to them guests. It’s said that the wedding lehnga would have to be compromised if you courier them. The large boxes would occupy more of the space and hence more of the goodies would have to be filled. Hence the charges for them would be tremendously enhanced in that case.

- Missing to order the address tags- In the middle of all the gorgeous invitations with lace, metal and laser cut you may forget one important detail. If you don’t order address tags from the printer, chances are you will be stuck trying to figure out how to even put the names and addresses of people on the invitation. Quick tip: If you forgot about address tags (since you didn’t read WMG religiously then. go to your stationer and ask for plain white address stickers. They are basic white rectangular stickers that can be put on the cellophane in which your card goes.

- Printing invites with only two months to go- ideally, you must opt for the proper day’s scenario like as 5 weeks to print, 4 weeks to distribute and the last card should be sent out at least 5 weeks before the wedding. Its ideally good to order them 3 months before. You must allocate proper time to the designers to print and make them ready.


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