Post Marriage Rituals of a Perfect Hindu Marriage 

Post Marriage Rituals of a Perfect Hindu Marriage

Indian weddings are by far the most lavish and pompous marriages across the world. Besides the main wedding ceremony, the pre wedding ceremonies and the post wedding ceremonies, each and every event at these Hindu marriages are a grand affair. Every wedding function in India includes a Haldi ceremony, Mehndi ceremony, Tilak ceremony, Sangeet ceremony and engagement ceremony, all of which happen before the main wedding function. However, there are many other post wedding ceremonies as well, which take place at every Hindu wedding in India. 

Some of these Indian post wedding ceremonies include the following functions:


By far the most emotion pre and post wedding ritual, the Vidaai ceremony marks the departure of the bride from her home after having completed the ceremony of taking the marriage vows and having been religiously married to the groom. During this ceremony, as the bride departs from the house of her parents and takes her first steps towards her new home, she is showered with blessings and gifts from her friends and family members. This moment tends to be highly emotional for not just the wife-to-be and her immediate family, but even for her distant relatives and friends. 

Wedding Reception

Amongst the many other wedding ceremonies in India, the wedding reception is also one post wedding ceremony, which is celebrated with a lot of aplomb and grandeur. It is basically a party which is thrown by the groom


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