Post Wedding Costs That Should Be Budgeted For Before The Wedding 

When making the budget for a wedding, people tend to make the big mistake of accounting for all the wedding expenses that they are going to incur till the day of the wedding. Even once the wedding day is over, there are certain specific costs, which can be directly related to the wedding and which the bride and the groom should take into account when planning the finances for their wedding. If these post wedding expenses are not planned for right from the start, the bride and the groom may find themselves financially in a very uncomfortable position immediately after they start their life together as husband and wife. 

Some of the important post wedding expenses which should be a part of the wedding budget are as follows:

Getting The Wedding Album Made

At the time of hiring the wedding photographer, it is important that you make it clear with him that the fee that you would be paying to him would include not just the cost of covering the event and clicking photos, but would also include the cost of getting a nice wedding album made. In case, he demands extra charges for the making of the album or developing special photos, then this extra cost should be included in your wedding budget, since you cannot hire a photographer and then never get a wedding album made of your wedding.

Thank You Notes

After the wedding, it is customary for the bride and the groom to send thank you notes to all the wedding guests personally, not just to thank them for their wishes, but also for the lovely presents that they had presented to the newlywed couple. The cost of the postcards on which the thank you notes would be written and the cost of the stamps that would be required for the postage of these postcards should also be included in the wedding budget. Sometimes, some people like to send a little thank you gift along with the thank you card. If you want to make any such similar gesture, then the cost of these gifts should be worked out and made a part of the wedding expenses.

Court Expenses

Once you are married, there would be a lot of legal paperwork that you would be required to do. You would have to change your name legally and get the new name updated on all your bank accounts and other documents. Getting all these changes made through the court costs money, and it would be wise to take note of this post wedding expense at the time of the planning of the other wedding expenses. 

Missing Gifts

Couples make a registry of all the items that they would require after the wedding for setting up their new home together and the guests are supposed to pick items from this registry and gift the same to the couple. However, there is a chance there would be certain items left on the registry which the couple would not have received from any guests and would therefore, have to buy the same from their own funds. 


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