Post Wedding Rituals of South Indian Marriages 

Post Wedding Rituals of South Indian Marriages

Wedding is an auspicious event in the family which welcomes the newly married couple to start a new life filled with lots and lots of love. The couples get married with lots of expectations along with anxiety. The groom is afraid whether he’ll be able to run a family on his own whereas the bride is worried if she will be able to handle the household chores appropriately and make her family proud. 

The South Indian weddings are ritualistic and they adhere to all the traditions without any kind of hesitation. The post wedding rituals of South Indian marriages last for a week and they adopt various activities to be performed by the couple. The happy marriage sets the beginning of the post wedding rituals which involves the family get together of both the bride and groom’s family members and relatives.

At the marriage hall

Once the knot is tied in front of the sacred fire, the couple is declared to be married to lead a new life. They then get blessings from their parents, elders and all the other invitees gathered for the marriage. The guests share their wishes and love for the couple.

Offer prayers

The newly married couple is made to worship lord Shiva and Parvati. This is because lord Shiva and Parvati are the symbol of true love between husband and wife. The groom must follow lord Shiva’s footpath and treat his wife with equal importance. He must not try to dominate her at any cost. Likewise the bride must also treat her husband with due respect given to him. This is significant for a happy marriage and thereafter.

The bride’s arrival

The bride along with the groom arrives to the groom’s home in a newly decorated car. In South Indian marriage the car is usually decorated with roses and other artificial flowers to give an appealing look. The bride leaves back her parents and enters the new home for a new beginning. 

Lighting the lamp

The newly married couple is welcomed with aarti taken by the groom’s mother and sister. The bride’s arrival is considered to be the arrival of lord Lakshmi into the family who brings forth lots and love, joy and wealth. She then lights the oil lamp at the pooja room and prays for the well-being of all.

Romantic exchange of food

The bride and groom are then made to feed each other with banana dipped in milk. After a hectic marriage, the couple is provided with energy boosting food to heal their appetite. 

A week later

After a week the bride’s parents invite the couple for lunch. The girl longs for this particular tradition because she can spend some quality time with her parents and siblings after the happy marriage. The couple is treated with grand luncheon with their favorite food items prepared especially for them.

Informal gathering

After the fortnight of marriage, the boy’s family members conduct an informal gathering at their home. The relatives of boy’s side gather for lunch or dinner. They introduce the bride to the entire family and relatives.


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