Prayers and Blessings in Marriages and Reception 

Prayers and Blessings in Marriages and Reception

The tradition of prayers and blessings began from ancient times when newly wedded couple often sought with the soliciting blessings from ancestors and their family members. There are different types of marriage prayers given to the couple in different origins. In ancient roman culture couple is made to sacrifice white bull because priest offers blood as prayer for the god or goddess. In Jewish culture bride would bathe for seven times in the water and blessed each time she dip. And wedding prayers nowadays are done by ministers for the couple for their long relationship and prosperity. Some weddings have single prayer and some have several prayers. 

Various types’ prayers

There are different types and placements for prayers wedding prayers, reception prayers, ceremonial prayers, dinner prayers etc. ministers refer to holy books like bible for different types of prayers 

  • Benediction
  • Unity prayers
  • Communion prayers
  • Wedding prayers
  • Congregational prayers

Wedding prayers and blessings are an important for marriage ceremonies and hold a lot of significance for couple to begin their new life. There are some sacred things which are followed n wedding ceremonies, where couple will be standing in front of the family and exchanging their vows, pledging love with each other and promising each other for future. It signifies the new beginning of their life. And wedding prayers are followed by the priests for their long lives. Wedding prayers for wives are done for long relationship and for their children in future and wedding prayers for husbands are for long relationship by respecting all the promises done in the marriage and for their happy lives this variation is seen in some types of prayers for their respective blessings. 

Online prayers

Marriage prayer nowadays can get through online requests as well. You can get an option to select your preferred prayer or even you can able to customize your prayer through online prayer requests. Create a specific and appropriate prayer according your needs. A multicultural family may desire mixed blessings. So you can choose according to your needs and specifications. You can choose based on your desired choice of prayer as well, like wedding prayers, dinner prayers, reception prayers etc. your wedding should represent the belief and hope between you for your marital life. 

Various forms of prayers

Blessings and prayers may be in different forms like poems, songs, traditional lines from prayer books or anything which is given by your family or which is followed by ancestors for taking time to welcome god to have a spiritual blessing from god which makes the ceremony special. 

  • Dinner and reception prayer is very important because the couple will take their first meal as wife and husband. The prayer is done to thank god to give the food and ask him the blessing for the new couple for long life. Which is not so long and takes only few minutes to prayer

  • Marriage prayer is important after exchanging all the vows by the couple the priests start prayer which he asks god for blessings for the couples new life

  • Opening prayer is done to welcome god to ceremony and shower his blessings on the new couple


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