Pre Loved Wedding Dresses 

Pre Loved Wedding Dresses

Everyone knows that wedding dresses are crazily expensive! If we go as per the surveys it is suggested that 20 percent of the wedding expenses goes in buying the wedding dress. However there is no denying the fact that wedding dress is one of the most important parts of the wedding. Every girl dreams of the details and the intricacies her wedding gown right from her childhood. The sad part is that mostly this dream bridal gown comes with an unaffordable price tag in real life. These days renting bridal gowns and dresses has become a spotlight for the brides to be. These second hand bridal dresses are being called as pre loved wedding dresses. They help you in living your dream without making you to spend a major part of your wedding budget.

What is called a Pre Loved Wedding Dress?

Wedding gowns which have been worn by brides in their wedding are in great condition so that they can be worn by any other bride on her wedding are called as pre loved wedding dresses. The pre loved dresses are usually sold at great discounts. This enables the brides to be to fulfill their dream at a much reasonable price rather than spending a fortune on a new wedding dress. Brides who do not mind wearing a wedding dress which have already been worn before by another bride at her wedding can always opt for the second hand wedding dresses. Don’t be surprised if you find pre loved wedding gowns with the price tag intact. These are actually the results of mood change of the bride who might have found a different option for her wedding dress and would not have been able to return or exchange this one. The pre loved gowns are usually in a condition as good as new and can be altered to fit the new bride’s body measurements.

Cost of buying a Pre Loved Wedding Gown 

Typically, the pre owned dresses are available at greater discounts on their actual retail price. These discounts may vary from 30% to 50% depending upon its condition and make. The designer wedding gowns, for example, that of Oscar de la Renta, Vera Wang, etc. are usually sold at a lower discounted rate. Wedding dresses which are quite old or slightly damaged or stain can even be found at 90% discount rate. You must clearly state your requirements to the seller in order to avail the best deal.

Points to Keep in Mind while buying a Pre Loved Wedding Dress

In order to find the right gown for yourself, you must clarify certain points with the seller of the second hand wedding gown. Make sure to find out if there is enough margin available in the pre loved wedding dress to be altered as per your body and fit required measurements. It is always recommended to buy a wedding dress which is larger than your size so that it can be easily altered to fit you. 

Also ensure the wedding dress is exactly in the condition as described by the seller. Always look for and dirt or dust stains before buying the gown. Make sure the seller gets it dry cleaned for you before handing over to you. Ask about the return policy whether or not it is refundable.


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