Precious Tips to Cut Your Wedding Cake-A Memorable Event 

Precious Tips to Cut Your Wedding Cake-A Memorable Event

Though a new concept for many, but the wedding cake has become an important item in the weddings. So, it must be planned and executed in such a manner that it remains memorable. 

Following are the a few tips for making the wedding cake cutting a memorable event. 

Decorate the Cake

The decoration of wedding cake is remembered by the guests if it has some unique ideas. So, you may decorate your wedding cake in unique ways. Get your cake designed as a garden and add flowers and red hearts to it. Alternatively, you may get it designed in flowers of chocolates. It is matter to note that a proper design and decoration can turn a simple cake into exotic one. So, to cover the cake, you may use a thin layer of marzipan. If you wish to do something extra, then add royal icing on the top of the cake.
Ingredients and Shape

Ensure that the ingredient of your wedding cake is so nice that the guests would love to remember it till your next anniversary. Also, have the shape of the cake smooth. For the purpose, cover the top and sides of cake. Get it decorated with fresh flowers, but take care that the flowers must be easily removed when required (before cutting and eating).


The colours say many things than the spoken words. So, keeping the choice of colour liked by your better half, it is your responsibility to get the wedding cake decorated in while, yellow or pale pink colours. 

Use of Moderate level Sugar

It is quite possible and in vogue that wedding cakes are made of powdered gelatine, powdered sugar, gum Arabic, water, white fat, liquid glucose etc. Though use of sugar add the taste and help in formation of cake also, but the high level of sugar may be harmful and the guests suffering from diabetes will avoid enjoying your wedding cake. So, ask the seller to use moderate quantity of sugar (when your place orders for making the cake).


You may get a customised knife and spatula for cutting your wedding cake. If you wish, you may get the name of both spouses engraved on it. Use the same knife on all your anniversaries. Every time, you see the knife, your intimacy is reflected. 

Feed Your Spouse Nicely

The cake cutting ceremony is new for Indian wedding tradition. So, your spouse may be hesitant be hesitant to eat from your hands in front of relatives and parents. Understand the feelings and show no kidding. The change in tradition requires taking care of culture. If your spouse is comfortable and feeling easy, then also feed each other in nice and respectable manner.

Maintain Decency

The cake cutting ceremony is the moment when many of your guests would be taking photographs and video. So, be normal and show decency in your behaviour. Involve your parents and other elders in the ceremony near your and serve them personally before other guests. To other guests you may serve through waiters. Don


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