Professional Beauty Tips To Get You That Stunning Look On Your Wedding Day 

Professional Beauty Tips To Get You That Stunning Look On Your Wedding Day

You need to look the prettiest on your wedding day. There is no compromise that can be made on this count. However, what many brides fail to understand is that the perfect bridal look cannot be achieved in just one day. It is not just the bridal makeup that makes a bride shine on her special day, but a lot of effort that goes into getting that radiant skin and glow on the face. Thus, while the rest of your family is busy with the Indian wedding planning, the bride needs to start taking care of her skin as a part of the wedding preparations.


Start Your Beauty Regime Early

Bridal Makeup

The beauty preparations for the wedding day should start more than 2 months before the wedding day. You need to immediately start taking care of your body and skin, and towards this end, you need to focus on the following areas:

Consult a dietician and fitness expert and start working on a fitness plan for yourself.

If you need some medical treatments like Botox, hair removal, etc., you would need to get them immediately, otherwise it will be too late.

Choose your hair and makeup artist, and start with test trial of different hair colors, makeup styles, hairstyles, which would look the best with the kind of Indian outfits you plan on wearing for your wedding.

Choosing the best bridal makeup artist at this stage is important also because with just a couple of months left for the wedding, you need to start taking care of your skin. Cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and other skin and beauty treatments need to start immediately.


Start Taking Decisions

Wedding Hairstyles

4-6 weeks before the wedding would be the time to try out any experimental looks you wish to get, which you think will look absolutely perfect in your Indian wedding photos. In case things go wrong, you will still have time to reverse them. Hence, if you are planning on getting a tanned look, or a special hair color, getting a trial of the same at this stage would be the right time. Besides this, all your routine hair and skin care treatments should continue. You should be following your fitness regime strictly as well.


Time For Final Beauty Decisions

Bridal Makeup Artists

With just 2 weeks left, start with the facials and confirm all your beauty and styling plans with the makeup artists selected by you. If you wish, you can ask the bridal makeup artists, to give you a refresher trial of the chosen makeup and hair style. By now your Indian designer wear for the wedding would be finalized, so you can make sure that your makeup actually matches your outfit.


Start With The Beauty Procedures

Basic Skin Care

1 week before the wedding, it is time for you to get those eyelash extensions, and other similar beauty procedures done.


Basic Skin Care


Almost all the famous makeup artists prefer to leave the job of waxing till the very last moment. Hence, the day before all the wedding functions start would be the day to get your eyebrows made and full body waxing done. This is the day when you should get nail paint applied to your fingers and toes.


The Final Wedding Day

Indian Wedding Photography

On this day, you do not have to do much, just relax and trust your carefully chosen beauty artists to make you look absolutely gorgeous.


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