Punjabi Ghodi Songs for Wedding 

Punjabi Ghodi Songs for Wedding

When it comes to celebrate marriages in India, importance of Punjabi weddings can’t be underestimated. Punjabi marriages are known for their distinct rituals, religious activities, social practices, and lots of Punjabi style dance and songs. There is no attending a Punjabi marriage simply means unveiling the plethora of happiness and joy. Here in this article, we’ll throw light on the significance of Punjabi ghodi songs for wedding. 

What Are Ghodi Songs?

Actually there is a ritual when a groom visits the house of bride with lots of friends and relatives. They are entertained by the bride’s family, friends and relatives. This is certainly the most interesting part of a Panjabi wedding when everyone participating in the auspicious event wants to dance and sing. This is the point when Punjabi ghodi songs come into great use.  

Songs Enhance the Fun in the Party

When it comes to celebrating a Punjabi wedding, importance of songs can’t be ignored. Since Punjabi people are known for their love for dance and music, they want to enjoy different types of Punjabi wedding songs. However, playing different types of songs throughout the marriage process isn’t a religious task. It means that it is not according to Punjabi religion but still people love enjoying it. 

It Reduces the Stress 

However, marriage a joyful occasion, but many times it is found that due to several issues, it becomes a stressful event. Playing Punjabi songs simply means reducing the potential stress. If you want to learn how to save a marriage, you must know that songs can easily fix marriage problems. Therefore, if you want to enjoy a Punjabi wedding with no hurdle, you need to play songs in vogue.

How to Choose the Best Songs 

There could be various ways to find out songs of your choice. First of all, you need to know the moment or social gathering when you want to get certain songs played. For instance, if you want to get Punjabi songs played when the groom comes to bride’s home, you need to choose Punjabi ghodi songs. You can easily enhance the fun in the party if you choose right songs. Now, you may ask where to find out songs of your choice. The easiest answer to this most discussed question is the internet. 

Professional Can Help You

If you are still confused on how to find out songs of your choice, you need to seek help from a professional. For instance, a marriage counsellor can help you learning how to repair marriage. Similarly, a professional wedding DJ can help you choosing songs of your interest. If you are confused on how to avail services of a professional, you can again look at nowhere else but the internet. 

Is It Really Essential 

Yes, of course it is. For instance, if you want to make your relationship more enjoyable, hurdle-free and stronger, you need to work on sex. Similarly, playing Punjabi songs in a marriage party simply exaggerate the fun and happiness. 

In concise, it can be said that the Ghodi songs aren’t only a way of enjoying the wedding party, but it is an essential part of Punjabi wedding rituals. 


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