Punjabi Marriage Catering Menu 

Punjabi Marriage Catering Menu

Contrary to general eating style, Punjabis are known for their delicious food and excessive appetite. Meal of Punjab is famous all over India due to its alluring and spicy taste. The wedding menu without a doubt is loaded down with every conceivable Punjabi Wedding dishes you might know. Each Punjabi wedding is a treat as it satisfies everybody who has the hunger for it.
In any Punjabi Wedding You Are Sure to Find the Below Mentioned Items:

Punjabi Wedding


1. Samosa Chaat: “Chaat” is a popular Indian food and is available in many types. It is zesty, sweet and a very popular street food in India .Samosa Chaat is served by including a plate loaded with peas or chole masala, smashed samosa with naturally cut veggie fixings and a dash of lemon goodness.

2. AlloTikkiChaat: Aloo tikki can be utilized to make numerous assortments of snacks and chaats. This tongue tickling alootikkichaat formula uses stuffed tikki and other common ingredients like sev, slashed onions and arrangement of chutneys to reproduce the best Indian road nourishment experience

3. Punjabi Samosa: The conventional Punjabi samosa is huge and its topping is primarily made off of potatoes and peas. Including cashew nuts and raisins makes it a rich and tasty snack. For that additional punch you can likewise add some amchur powder or dark salt to the filling blend.

4. Adarki Lamb Chops: This deliciously cook starter is made out of cutting pieces of lamb meat. Though not common these lamb chops are an excellent starters and delicious in taste.

5. LasuniMurg: This basic dish or starter utilizes the solid kinds of paste-, for example, cumin, coriander and other real flavors, with garlic. The outcome being a tempting dish that is sufficient for stirring up for a speedy weekday dinner.

6. MurghMalaiTikka: MurgMalaiTikkaKababare powerful and very tasty starters. These are fragrant bits of chicken that melts in your mouth as they are marinated in thick yogurt, cream/malai, cheddar, saffron, herbs and flavors and barbecued to flawlessness.


Main Course

Main Course

1. Butter Chicken OrMurgMaakhani: One of the most famous dish in any Indian especially Punajbi wedding is Butter Chicken. It is an Indian variety of chicken in a gently spiced curry sauce. 

2. AlooMatar or AlooGobhi: This is a universal dish that can be found in any Hindu wedding. This dish made of aloo along with Matar or Gobhi is cooked and mixed with varieties of spices to give a delightful taste.

3. DaalMakhani: Again one of the most common dishes on an Indian menu dal makhani is also preffered by all. It is a variety of daal consisting of ‘makhan’ or butter.

4. Handi Chicken: This is again a variety of dish cooked in what most people call as ‘handi’. Punjabi’s being a chicken lovers never forget to include this spicy dish in their catering choices.

5. MalaiKofta:  A popular dish served in almost every wedding menu is malaikofta. Amazingly delicate koftas that liquefy in your mouth plunged in a velvety tomato-seasoned sauce that mitigates and supports your taste buds, that is the thing that the malaikofta curry is!

6. Naan: How can a Punjabi wedding miss something as delightful as naan. Made of what is called as ‘Maida’ these breads are available in various forms and stuffing. Some of the most common of which are Onion Naan, Butter Naan, PaneerNaan etc.

7. Raita:This is again one of the most common accessories or let’s say a part of Punjabi Menu. It is generally a dish made out of curd.  BoondiRaita is the most prominent and enjoyed form of raita across these weddings.




1. GulabJamun: It is again one of the universal desserts across Hindu weddings. You are sure to find these delicious pieces of sugar and Maida waiting to be served hot in any Punjabi wedding.

2. GajarKahalwa: Widely loved by Indians this sweet dish is made out of carrots, milk and sugar.

3. Kulfi: One of the most common and widely found frozen dessert, Kulfi is an essential part of any catering menu. 


The above mentioned catering menu is not all that you can have in your wedding. These are just the prime dishes that you just cannot afford to miss out. Apart from this you can decide what you guests would like and how you will be able to satisfy their taste buds.


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