Put A Personal Touch In The Wedding Menu 

The food is one of the biggest attractions for many people at weddings. There are many people who judge the success of a wedding ceremony by not how well the actual ceremony went or how the bride and the groom looked, but by how good the delicacies that were served at the wedding were. Similarly, for many brides and grooms as well, their wedding menu is extremely important to them and they would love to put a personal touch to the exotic dishes that are served at their wedding.

In case you want to also add something special and personal to your wedding menu, then below are a few tips that you should keep in mind:

Find Flexible Wedding Vendors

The wedding venue that you select for your wedding should give you the freedom to plan your wedding as you like. Therefore, you should be free to bring in your own decorators, caterers and other wedding vendors. If the venue does not allow you this freedom, when planning the wedding menu with the caterer available at the venue, you might find yourself extremely restricted and not able to do anything special with the same. Similarly, when you hire your caterer, confirm that he would be ready to make the necessary changes in the menu as per your desires. 

Add Your Favourites To The Menu

While making the wedding menu, it is important that you include items which you know everyone would like and are expected to be present at a wedding, but at the end of the day, the wedding day is supposed to be all about the bride and the groom, therefore, even in the case of the menu, food items which are loved and are a favourite with them, should be able to find a place for themselves on the final wedding menu. In fact, these favourite food items of the bride and the groom should be given a special place in the menu and highlighted at the wedding as the best dishes of the evening. 

Name The Dishes After You

The favourite dishes of the bride and the room can be named after them or you can go a step forward and the entire menu can be named after the bride and the groom. Naming the dishes after the bride and the groom does not really change anything in the menu, especially its taste, but it simply makes the food layout look more personalized for the wedding. This naming of the dishes can be done in a hilarious way as well, thus giving a funny twist to the serving of the food. 

Bring In Unexpected Elements

Weddings are supposed to all about grace, sophistication and decency. However, if the bride and the groom want, they can add something wild to their wedding. There is no question about the fact that everyone loves the street food, but unfortunately this street food never gets a pace in these high class weddings. well you can change this thing, and call in your favourite food truck to dish out some amazing street food to your guests. Everyone is going to love it.


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