Queen Sized Luxe Bed for Mehendi - Newer Trends, to Substitute Jhula or Sofas 

Queen Sized Luxe Bed for Mehendi - Newer Trends, to Substitute Jhula or Sofas

Just imagine one bed, queen sized for the bride, undergoing the mehendi celebration, where we can see the assortment of quirky sized pillows and neat floral headstand too. Yes, it happened in the mehendi celebration of chiranjeevi’s daughter. She sauntered and clicked a few insta pics of the same. The queen sized bed with neat floral headstand could be seen precisely there.

The brides have now started flaunting this fabulous idea of sweet decoration and are instagram-ing to attain the success. Let’s get all the deets about the fuss- 

Queen sized bed –substitutes for the jhulas- 

The role of jhula cannot be denied. Long ago, people used it, where the bride used to sit with BFF’s and used to get her mehendi done there only. Afterwards, small sofas started coming in vogue rather the bed. The use of little chairs and bean bags came in vogue then. If I talk about the present scenario, here, the ladies gather around in the bride’s bed room and queen sized beds are taking over the jhulas.

The king and queen sized beds, which may have neatly decorated headboard and a helluva lot of cushions. It sounds like a maharani, which exhibits an appearance of the queen which is being attended by the handmaidens. 

Other options available-

How did you feel about this nicely cushy bed? Beside, various other kind of innovative and suspended beds can be seen in the market. The beds, draped in the florals are in vogue. 

Besides, the lux beds with cushion, some people use gaddas with beautiful done up table arrangement to make it appear effortless. But honestly, nothing beats a nice big bed on a lawn and all the girls just having fun there.

The cost? 

The nominal or the negligible cost of it makes the popular among the people. Just you need to have the bed from your home, and then just do the decoration. The transportation costs make you the overall cost. In addition, the head board and the fun cushions cost a bit to have the decoration. The best bit? It makes a great photo-op!!!!


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