Question To Ask Before Getting Married 

Question To Ask Before Getting Married

It is sad, but true, that talking about sex directly is still considered to be a taboo and as a result, most of the couples take the decision to get married, without having any about how their sexual life after marriage would be. The couple may be in love and have the same plans for the future, but of the intimacy between the husband and the wife is missing, and then the future of the marriage becomes doubtful. 
Some of the important questions, relating to sex, which every couple must discuss with each other before taking the decision about marriage are as follows:

What Is the Upper Limit of Intimacy

It is very easy to overboard with intimacy. It is common for the couples to watch each other perform various personal acts like peeing in the bathroom, hair removal, etc. While some people consider this as a mark of mutual understanding and openness between the couples, there are certain people who may be completely uncomfortable with it and would want lines to be drawn, so that both of them can get some privacy in their personal life. If you want that after marriage your compatibility with your partner does not get affected by these silly acts, then you need to discuss the limits of the same before marriage. 

What Physical Attributes Matter The Most To Your Partner

Before almost everyone says that no matter how much weight the other person may gain or lose, or how they may start to look after some time, they will always love their spouse with all their heart. This may sound romantic and perfect, but in the real world, it does not work. There are certain aspects of a person


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