Questions to Ask Before Getting Married 

Questions to Ask Before Getting Married

Marriages fail not because there is something wrong with the institution of marriage, but because most people do not understand the concept of marriage and hence fail miserably in making it work. It is extremely important that both the partners are completely true to each other right from the start, and by start, we do not mean the beginning of marriage, but from the time they first meet each other and are still trying to figure out whether they want to marry each other or not. 

Some of the questions, for which clarifications need to be sought by couples before entering into a relationship with each other, are as follows:

Why Do You Love Me?

This may seem like a wrong question to ask and more often than not, the answer you would receive would be something like love has no reason. But it is important for you to know the reason that made the other person fall in love with you. Unlike what is believed, love is a very selfish emotion. You fall in love with someone, because he or she makes you feel good about yourself and happy. Knowing what was it about you that made the other person feel happy and special, will help you in knowing whether you would be able to make him or her happy in the same way in the future as well or not. 
How Important Is The Romance In Your Life?

This question may again sound really weird, but if you are a diehard romantic, then it will be important for you that your partner makes gestures which as romantic as the romance for the rest of your life. But, if the other person does not believe in all this romance and like to have a more practical approach in daily life, you may eventually start to feel unloved in the relationship after some time. Therefore, you need to ensure that your approach and your partner


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