Questions to Ask Each Other Concerning Child Rearin 

Questions to Ask Each Other Concerning Child Rearin

Out of various aims of marriage, procreation (child bearing) is an important part in life. The children are future citizen and the children given good learning in initial days become a sincere citizen. So, it is necessary that the couple have a definite child rearing plan before the children are born. Here are a few suggestions that the couple may decide.

What is the Right Time of Having a Child?

It is first issue that you and your partner must decide. It is based on the physical as well as mental health of the would be mother, her willingness for pregnancy, the relationship health of the couple, financial position or economic conditions of family and other many factors. It is because, the child is born with certain rights and it must be provided to him/her. It involves a lot of engagement of time (as parental love and care) as well as many other things like involvement of finances on part of both the partners for the best child rearing.

The other most important fact is regarding the urgency in mind for having a child. Some partners may be willing to wait and spend time with each other for a few years of their marriage, while some may be willing for a child in first year of their marriage. 

Sharing of Baby Duties

As wise parents, you must decide with each other regarding the child rearing duties and responsibilities. These may be related to changing diapers, giving bath to the child, reading bedtime stories and many other things. If both of you are prepared, you will not face any disappointment and other sector of your life will be taken care of simultaneously. An unsaid fact, but you will feel that both of you are rather happy and connected to each other. 

Co-sleep with Baby

You may also decide the issue of co-sleeping of baby. But it is suggested that the mother-child should share the same bed during initial stage of development of child in order to avoid sudden infant death syndrome and better understanding between mother and child. But the opinions differ from place to place and person to person. 

However, after a few years of age; you may not share your bed or even room with the baby. This may be one of your child rearing styles. In other case, you may share the room depending on the size of your house. 

How to Discipline the Child?

It is very necessary to both of you to decide the disciplinary techniques of the child before you start a family. You need to give good lessons of life to the child and make enough stronger in all the respects. So, he must be a disciplined child too. There various techniques such as grounding, time-outs, take away favorite things, sending the child to his/her room etc. that you may use for disciplining of your child. However, it is suggested that you should not use the technique of authoritative child rearing and use spanking as a technique for disciplining the child. It may result into violent behaviors, slow mental developments, hindrance in achievement etc. 


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