Questions to Be Asked Before Booking A DJ 

Questions to Be Asked Before Booking A DJ

Wedding music can make your guests day. It boosts up the celebrations of your wedding or reception and can send your guests home, loaded with happiness and happy feet. You have to hire a talented DJ or music band according to your personal choice. To find a good DJ for your wedding ceremony you have to first surf through the internet for the best DJ, contact your friends and family members for suggestions. Before searching for DJ there are some things to be considered before booking a DJ like, what type of entertainment suits your wedding style, budget, space allowance etc. should be kept on mind before searching for a good DJ and also by considering these elements you can have an easy search. 

Top questions to be asked

  • Check whether it is full time business for them or they work only for wedding day

  • If they had performed other than in marriage, what type of clubs, lounges or clients you have performed

  • How do you customise wedding songs for different couples and can you give suggestions in selecting songs list

  • How do you make crowd pumped up with your DJ playing and how do you handle song requests by guests

  • Can you show me some examples of mixing up song tracks and playing

  • What type of equipment do you use ad is there any backup if there is any problem persists

  • Have you ever played in this venue which we have chosen, if not can you please have a look on that venue

  • Should we choose our choice of DJ or they will be assigned according to date availability

  • Do you offer other services like live HD streaming and some lightings and any other special effects etc.

  • How many hours are included in a day package and what do you typically wear

Choosing band or DJ

  • Band is nothing but live music which is played by band leader, you and your guests will enjoy the pleasure of the performance. But compared to DJ band is costlier and band would be great while enjoying but it will not be more enjoyable than DJ who keeps lots of songs in their hand and give us unlimited entertainment

  • DJ is less expensive than bands. If you can


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