Questions to Be Asked Before Booking a Wedding Venue 

Questions to Be Asked Before Booking a Wedding Venue

Searching and booking a wedding venue can be looked as an activity. But, when you are searching for the perfect venue for your wedding, ensure to discuss prior with the venue manager about all the relevant arrangements required. Else, you may end up with some key elements missing or a hefty charge at the end. To avoid all the hassles which can be anticipated, during wedding planning, you should sit and discuss some questions to ask venue manager so you can avoid some problems during your wedding.
Questions you should ask the venue manager

  • Ask whether venue is available on your wedding dates or not. If booked how many weddings were booked on that day
  • What are the payments for different dates and times or if there is any payment schedule
  • What is the cancellation policy or what is the last possible dates for making a change in your plan
  • What are the hidden charges, like service charges, cleaning fees or over time charges
  • Will the venue manager arrange for decoration and/or lighting services
  • Does the venue also provide catering services or should it be obtained separately
  • What kind of deposit should be done etc.

Today, many venues are providing alia services for weddings by themselves. These could be catering services, lighting services, bridal planning, stay and travel arrangements etc. So, for the ease of handling the wedding events, it can be preferred to outsource as many services to the venue manager.

Things you should confirm

But, it is always important to ensure that the choice and quality of services by the venue manager are meeting your specific wedding planning requirements. Some pertinent things to be confirmed with the venue manager should be


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