Questions You Need To Ask Your Caterer Before Hiring 

Questions You Need To Ask Your Caterer Before Hiring

There are many things that are involved in organizing a perfect wedding. You need to get the decorations right, you need to select the best wedding venue and many other similar decisions to into the making of a perfect wedding. However, amongst the many aspects which one needs to take care of during a wedding, putting the best food on the plates of the wedding guests, is by far one of the most important aspects involved in planning a wedding. If the food served at a wedding is not good, then no matter how good all the other arrangements are, the wedding guests are going to feel let down and disappointed. Therefore, you need to make sure that the wedding caterer you hire for the job is the right and the best choice.

Some of the important questions which you need to ask your wedding caterer, before make the final hiring decision, are as follows:

What Services Are Included

The first and the most important question that you need to ask your wedding caterer is what all services you would be receiving for the price that you are going to pay to him. The job of a caterer is not restricted to putting great delicacies on the plate, but he also needs to know how to serve the same in a proper and sophisticated manner. Similarly, you also need to ask whether they would be providing the services for the tray service of the appetizers around the venue, wine poring services and other similar services which would make it easier for the guests to access the food. 

Quality And Source Of Ingredients

It is very important that the food that you serve to the guests is not just good in taste, but it also needs to be of good quality. The bride and the groom would like to receive calls from their guests after the wedding telling them how good the wedding arrangements were and not to know that many of their guests fell ill due to food poisoning. Therefore, you need to find out from the caterer from where he would be procuring his ingredients for the food and whether all his purchases would be fresh or not.

How Many Servers Would The Caterer Provide To You

Knowing the guest to server ratio is very important. You do not want a situation to arise where the guests are not able to get food, simply because there were not enough people to serve it to them. At the same time, you also do not want too many servers to be roaming around your wedding venue, making it appear that the number of staff members is far more than the number of the wedding guests. Therefore, ask the caterer how many servers per guests would he be providing to you and in case the number is not good for you, you can ask him to increase or decrease the same. 

There are many other things which one should consider before hiring a caterer like his past experience in catering for weddings and especially at the venue where your wedding would be taking place.


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