Rangoli - A More Traditional Way of Decorating Your Wedding Venue 

Rangoli - A More Traditional Way of Decorating Your Wedding Venue

Rangoli is the colourful expression of love and welcome. The beautiful colours, when designed in the form of rangoli, express the flavor of celebration and festivity. The colours and flowers when spreaded on the floor , appear  gorgeous and appealing. The near and dear ones of the wedding, always plan something more traditional and valuable. Here , we tend to discuss some of the gorgeous rangoli designs, that are rather mesmerized more with help of floral petals rather synthetic colors.

Petals used in the walkway to the venue

The way, which leads to the main venue, inside can be perfectly decorated with the floral petals to appear bright and beautiful. The rose petals, marigold and white flowers can be perfectly utilized for this very purpose. This idea of having rangoli along the walkways, can beautify the barren walkways and look immensely pretty.

Flower petals on the wedding floor

The main room of the wedding is chalked with the rangoli design , and further filled with the rose and other previously mentioned floral petals. . It can be enhanced with showpieces at both the sides to make the border.  You can take this idea and definitely make the rose like shape which includes the names of the bride and groom.

Walkway rangoli with petals

Other walkway design pattern, which too is done with the help of floral petals, is desinged. This is easy to do since you simply have to chalk out square shapes and fill in with petals. These include marigol and any other white flower than you choose. Both the sides should have marigold borders and then filled in with white and yellow petals alternatively. This is easy to do and can be lined up as and where you like.

Red petaled rangoli on green base

When the wedding has been planned in a garden, or the area where lots of greenery appears, then red petals are ofcourse the best choice. Green and red complement each other and the rangoli design is going to turn out to beb just perfect! The mesmerizing beauty of the red floral petals is beyong comparison, when simply seen on the green colored grass.

Mixed flower petals on wedding walkway

The bride and groom are made to walk upon the floral petals when arranged on the rangoli walkaways. The walkway in the middle is solely for the bride and groom to enter or no one walks over it at all.  This is actually the perfect way to give husband and wife a perfect look of what the relish the most.

Heart shaped peacock rangoli

The designs of rangoli may vary from simple flowers , or squares to the shap[e of anything looking fabulous. Here is an instance of the beautiful rangoli design in the form of the peacock. The two peacocks face each other , that exhibits love and the shape can be in the form oh heart as well. The colouir of the design is predominately blue or green and even their beaks make a heart shape. 

Colorful rangoli by the walkway

Rangoli patterns are best when they are done on the walkway, or just in front of the wedding arrangement. You can make the white base kolam pattern and then enhance it with shades of blue, pink and purple. The semicircular portions have been colored in yellow and vermilion and they have been chalked out with another lap over the smaller one.


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