Read How Pre-Marital Sex Can Affect the Married Life  

Read How Pre-Marital Sex Can Affect the Married Life

Marriage is the pious custom of the human world and continues with all robustness as the only option to generate a sense of totality in individual life. The fundamental aims that are sought to be achieved pertain to the life eternities on earth through the conjugal bliss between a male and a female body. Through the institution of marriage, the partners tie the knot forever and take oath to make their best attempts towards the heavenly aims and obligations that they now carry. 

Pre-marital sex – the debate

However, marriage is a socializing custom in it and in spite of the high significance; it does not matches the inherent biological affinities that start to develop very early in the boys and girls. At such early age, while the boys and girls start to feel the affinities and pulls, they are not prepared socially to carry the allied responsibilities of a family that is the necessary implication of marriage. This generates a sort of contradiction that is often attempted by indulging in pre-marital sex. The modern society is witnessing more of this because of the openness in culture and the ability has good time together in anonymities away from the supervision of the elders of family. There is always a debate as what are the effects of having pre-marital sex on marriage. This area is being touched now more by the psychologists rather than by the impotency treatment specialists. 

Where is the concern oriented? 

Earlier, having pre-marital sex was considered a taboo and for the girls, it was the nastiest adoration, for it resulted in their pregnancies that were no less than life long stigma! The pregnancy issues have been almost negated through the use of the modern contraceptives and hence the stigma could be definitely averted. Well thumbs up for the contraceptives! So the paradox is that more of the young teenaged boys and girls are now having sex and we are finding least spreads of the stigmas. So what is the need for discussing the effects of pre-marital sex on marriage? The psychologists have been attempting this reason in a different way. Simultaneously, it is noteworthy to mention that the sexologists’ claims on ‘pre-marital masturbation’ or the pre-marital sex have started to lose much of the authenticity. 

The bad implications - 

The psychological debates and recommendations revolve around certain facts. They opine that indulging in sex at very early age could generate pseudo orientations regarding the sexual act. The marriage is a different institution and approaches sex from a different perspective. A boy/girl engaging in pre-marital sex could make an unworthy picture of this act and may feel the aberration in his/her married life. He or she may not derive the true satisfaction from the conjugal bliss that is more of a mutual concept; rather than crude or brute sexualities that are generally fancied by the adolescent minds. This is the major distinction and this is really undesirable one from the perspective of the pious aims that we just talked above at the introduction. A single sexual act at early age could not be held accountable to such attitudes and inclinations. The psychologists are talking about continued indulgences. 


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