Reality of In-Law Relationships 

Reality of In-Law Relationships

The relationships with in laws are not always troublesome. If you know how to manage, you will enjoy living with in laws and they will also reciprocate you with love and care. Here are a few ways through which you will understand the realities of in laws relationships. 

Avoid Arguments 

Your in laws have seen the world more than you and may have different perspective of looking at the things. When they say something, just listen to learn new things. If you are not agreeing with them on certain item, put your points logically in a rational manner. Never raise your voice; after all they are your in laws and not your parents or siblings who have the habit of listening you.  Mind it, it requires two people to argue, if you avoid other person will not argue with you. By arguments, you are spoiling your relationship. 

Daily Prayer or Worship 

Every family has some deity or God who is worshiped or prayed. When a new bride comes as new woman in life, she needs to learn the worship method of prayer of family God or deity. In this stage, the mother-in-law may act as a guide, mentor or teacher of family values to the wife of her son. As a part and parcel of family, you happily participate in family prayers or worships. Learn the traditions and cultures that you will pass to your next generations.

Take out Time For in laws

You may be very busy in looking after and managing your job and domestic duties, but remember that the your in laws have important place in your life too, because the best person of your life (spouse) is their child. You may not live in the same city or may not visit them very often, but your telephone call for a few minutes will save them from the feeling of loneliness and lot of insecurity.  

Be a Problem Solver

There is an old saying that you get out of your wishes. So, if you have good wishes, you will do well and find good solutions even in adversities. The same thing is applied in relations too. If the in laws are facing some trouble and consulting you; don


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