Reason To Enjoy Sex Every Day 

Reason To Enjoy Sex Every Day

Are you stressed about something? Or struggling to get a sleep? There are numerous ailments that could be cured by simply having sex regularly. According to a recent research daily sex claims to make you look seven years younger. Making love regularly is good. It helps you to relieve stress, sleep well and burn more calories. Burdened with stress and difficult life problems, more about inferiority about your health, sex and love has the treatment for a healthy relationship, happiness, longevity and healthy body.

There are many more reasons to have sex regularly:    

  • Boosts your fertility: This sounds like a music to most men but research have found that more often you have sex and make love the better quality of sperm you generate. If you are trying to conceive or you want to increase the volume of semen it is suggestive to have sex regularly and boost your seduction by sex games and different sex positions.

  • Fights flu and cold: Enjoying sex regularly proves to raise your body’s level of antibody called immunoglobulin or IGA which is able to protect you from flu and cold and it is been proved that having sex more than once week have 30% higher level of IGA that those who abstain sex.

  • Lengthens your life: As per a study people who claim to make love regularly have a lesser chance of dying for any medical reason than those abstain it regularly.

  • Makes your body disease proof: Having sex regularly leads to achieve high level of natural steroid DHEA also known as anti-ageing hormone which is believed to keep your body filter for longer to survive. During the time of sex, DHEA is secreted and released throughout the body and after the orgasm; the level of it in the blood stream soars to five times about its normal time.

  • Keeps you fit: According to a study thirty minutes of vigorous and passionate sex burns up to 100 calories, which is estimated same as a glass of wine which means an extra 5000 calories a year. Enjoying different sex positions is also a matter of great fun and enjoyment which tome up your muscles and keep limb lean flexible and lean.

  • Prevent a heart attack: Having sex regularly can ward off you from suffering a heart attack. After a study it has been scientifically proved that having sex three times a week can reduce and halve you from having a stroke or a heart attack. And having an orgasm twice a day were up to 30% less to have a heart disease than those who did not have a sex or make love or didn’t have an orgasm.

  • Increases your attractiveness: Having sexual activity makes the body to release more pheromones, which is a chemical that enhances your appeal to opposite sex which means the more sex you have with your partner, the stronger desire you have to repeat it which creates a harmonious and improved relationship.

  • Cures headache: Headache is an old disease but scientific evidence appeal that sex can shift pain because making love Lengthens your love causes a surge in the hormone oxytocin, in addition to which other feel good endorphins, which reduces pain and also improve arthritis disease.    


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