Reason to Enjoy Sex Regularly With You Husband 

Reason to Enjoy Sex Regularly With You Husband

When life gets too busy, the foremost priority to improve relationship is sex. When couples are tired, too stressed, and distracted and especially not in the mood sex, loves are among those immortals that create harmonious relationships. Following are good reasons to have sex with your spouse on regular basis.

  • It makes your husband spend more time with you: When you lay down regularly to enjoy different sex positions and enjoy with sex toys, you are able to spend the rest of the night expressing about feeling for each other physically. This allows being passionate in a relationship and reflecting affection and pleasure pleasing each other.

  • It builds trust: New sex positions and sexual frontiers construct a lot of trust in your partner. Sex earns trust after several years of being personal and joint bodily exploration.

  • It is a way to communicate without speaking: Sex is an essential part of marriage. It brings couples together maintain harmonious relationships in a way other things cannot. Sexual affinity promotes togetherness, cuddling and snuggling which let you connect to your partner without words.

  • Orgasm can reduce pain: Having an orgasm can stop ache as a hormone is release which reduces the possibility of pain threshold. Additionally for girls, mind distressing menstrual cramps can be decreased by masturbation.

  • Sex helps in keeping the spouse focus intact: As per a study, after having sex, the amount of hormone which is liable for producing love feelings is raised in males and oxytocin determines men in dedicated and improved relationships to remain away from other females.

  • Sex regulates menstrual cycle: It was found in studies that females having sex a minimum of one time in a week experience more consistent menstrual cycle than the ones whose sexual relationship is less frequently.

  • It helps an individual look younger: If an individual’s sexual relationship is quite good, it helps him or her perceive to look younger than their real age as per a study. It was found that having sex periodically released hormones like estrogen and testosterone, keeping the body to look younger than actual age. For girls, estrogen has proven to give shiny hair and soft skin.

  • It helps in having a sound sleep: By doing sex, the production of stress hormone cortisol decrease and the production of euphoric oxytocin are boosted up. This change leaves the body in a stress free and calmer state, making it easier to make you asleep. Also, estrogen level increases that ultimately increase women’s REM cycle for a profounder sleep.

  • It makes women thinner and slim: The sex counts as exercise and burns calories may be 75-150 calories per hour which is equivalently comparable to yoga half an hour, dancing half an hour and walking half an hour. Also sex      


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