Reasons of Splendid Wedding in Kolkata Wedding Halls 

Reasons of Splendid Wedding in Kolkata Wedding Halls

You know, Kolkata is not only the capital of West Bengal but also a hub of Traditions and grand cultures. This land has given many legends such as Rabindra Nath Tagore, Satyajit Ray, Subhash Chandra Bose and many more to India and the entire world.

You will feel the fragrance of art and literature here. Not only this, one can find here the travellers of every type such as holiday makers, daily wage workers, business tycoons etc. One of many reasons to choose Kolkata a favourite place is the hospitality of the people here.

If marriage is in your plan and you are in confusion to select a place, I will advise you that Kolkata is the best place for it. Once the location is decided, you may complete other formalities like making a guest list, deciding marriage colours, making financial budget etc. After you do all these, you may book a wedding hall in Kolkata. The specialities of getting married in Kolkata wedding halls are as follows:


1. Benefits of Decoration

wedding decorations on a budget

If you book a wedding hall in Kolkata for your wedding, you will get added advantage of decoration. Many wedding hall owners have direct contact with Best Wedding decorators who are specialised in floral or artificial decoration according to your taste. They will decorate the hall’s every corner and will leave nothing for adverse comment or remarks. Your guests will be overwhelmed with joy and praise of decorations.


2. Catering Benefits


wedding catering services

If you know Kolkata or Bengal only for sweets then you are slightly mistaken. Kolkata is also famous for different variety of foods and food items. You will get all sorts of fast food and regular food items here. Starting from egg-rolls, mughlais, chowmin and machh-bhat (fish and rice), Khati dahi (sour curd), mithi dahi (sweet curd), Balu sahi, rassagola etc. you will get everything of your choice. 

Further, if you plan your wedding in Kolkata wedding halls, you will find many caterers approaching you to take their services on your wedding day. This means that you need not wonder and search for the catering services. You will get them at attractive and competitive prices. You will be able to save time and money.


3. Ease of transportation

wedding Luxury Car

If you are not surprised, I would like to inform you that Kolkata taxi services are much cheaper than those of other cities. Furthermore, you will still find traditional FIAT and Ambassador Cars in Kolkata on rent. Thus, if wedding traditional vehicle is the choice for your marriage, Kolkata would be the first choice of city.

On the other hand, all new Indian and imported model vehicles are also available on rent and as per paying capacity. So, what you desire, you are bound to get here.

Last but not the least, being capital of state; Kolkata is well connected to all other cities of India by rail and road network. Howrah and Sealdah are the two major railway stations. If some of your guests are coming from abroad, they may directly land at Damdam International Airport and reach your marriage venue easily.



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