Reasons Which Can Lose the Faith in Marriage 

Reasons Which Can Lose the Faith in Marriage

Setting the aspect of togetherness, building in good trust and increasing love day by day are the main reasons for successful marriage. But currently the present generation is going through a lot of tough times in marriage. The younger generation has lost faith in marriage and are not able to be patient in relationship. This is the main reason for most of the couples being not able to cope up with the partner which is ultimately leading to filling of divorce case in the family courts. But before all this, there is one more reason for failure in marriage. The main reason for failure of marriage is people not marrying the correct person. 

Marrying the wrong person will create trouble to all 

Not marrying the right person will not only affect the married couple, but it also affects the entire family. This means a problem between couple will also affect the parents of each member.

The following are some of the solid reasons which can make people lose faith in marriage. 

  • Not realizing the real spirit of marriage and getting married early. 

  • Marrying the wrong person will surely end up in lot of trouble and finally ending in divorce with your partner. 

  • Marrying a partner who is not ready for marriage. 

  • Marrying only for the sake of money or marrying only for the sake of parents influence and pressure. 

  • Getting married without getting settled in life both financially and operational stable. 

  • Getting married when the maturity level of a partner is very less 

  • Getting married in young age without prior experience of understanding what life is. 

  • Expecting a lot from your partner. 

  • Expecting that your future spouse will be similar to your mom and on the other side the girl expecting that the husband will be similar to her dad in attitude. 

  • People have marriage relationship with others. 

Wedding or marriage has thousand reasons to cherish. It is a day where two souls join together to get bonded and live a happy life for years. Hence, making sure that avoiding the above points and building the aspect of love, romance and relationship will help all to lead a happy life. Though most of the reasons mentioned above may look foolish, but the reality is not foolish. We will be seeing the above reasons for failure in marriage in most of the cases in our real life. 

Determination of marriage is forgotten by couples 

With the fast moving world with more access to lot of social media and techno oriented life. Determination and commitment in one life is being lost. People feel that they always have other chance in life. Another chance in business or job can be accepted but another chance in marriage will bring in lot of confusion and trouble to people. Hence determination is the key to marriage and people should realize that. 

Avoiding the above reasons and making sure that you build determination can surely make your marriage life successful. Hence make sure that you throw away all the aspects of failure thinking and failure causing areas from you before getting married. 


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