Reasons Which Make Conflicts In Relationships Good 

Reasons Which Make Conflicts In Relationships Good

Whenever we hear that any couple is having some sort of a conflict, we immediately assume that there is some major problem in their relationship and the conflict will end up making their relationship even more weak and vulnerable. While in some cases this may be true, but to say that every time a conflict happens, it would only do harm for the relationship, would be wrong. Sometimes these conflicts can actually help in making the communication between the partners more strong and thereby improve the understanding between the partners.

Do Not Avoid Conflicts

It is not a good thing for couples to avoid conflicts. It has been seen in many instances that couples tend to overlook things in their relationship which make them uncomfortable and instead of talking about these things with their partners, they avoid the discussion completely, since they feel that the conversation would lead to a conflict between them and the topic is not worth creating a conflict between them. However, the truth is that it is these small things which you keep ignoring in a relationship, which tend to slowly build up inside you and make you feel cluttered and suffocated in the relationship, thus bringing your relationship to a stage, where you wish to end it completely. On the other hand, had you not been scared of the conflict and went ahead and clarified the same with your partner, you two may have fought for a couple of days, but things would have ended right there and then and actually made your relationship stronger. 

Some of the tips which can help you having a healthy conflict with your partner are as follows:

Improve Your Listening Skills

When in a conflict, it is not just important that you vent your frustration out, but you also need to be a good listener and allow your partner to vent out his or her feelings as well. Therefore, if you want your conflicts to help you in improving your relationship, then you need to improve your listening skills first. 

Have A Problem Solving Approach

Even when in between a conflict, you aim and purpose of the conflict should be to solve the problem at hand in an amicable and mutually acceptable manner, and not to accuse and put down your partner. Therefore, you need to try to turn your conflicts into sessions where both you and your partner sit down together and try to brainstorm and come up with a perfect solution for the problem. 

Communicate In A Calm Manner

It is very easy and actually human to get agitated during a conflict and start screaming at the other person. It is important that this impulse of yours should be kept in check, and all the talking during the conflict should be done in a calm manner. When you raise your voice, even the right points you make get lost in all the screaming and you are never able to make the other person understand your point of view. Therefore, try to stay calm during all conflicts.


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