Recall Your Memories with Rajesh Giri Photography 

Recall Your Memories with Rajesh Giri Photography

What do we do when we want to recall all those wonderful memories of our wedding or when we want to relive all those beautiful auspicious moments again? Yes, you guessed it right we go through our old photo albums and film videos. The true essence of photography is capturing the emotions and soul of the captured moment. For this, only a good professional like Rajesh Giri wedding photographers in Lucknow is required. Wedding photography and videography have evolved a lot and they are more candid, emotions and fun filled. As per top wedding videographers Rajesh Giri in Lucknow, here are the latest trends in wedding photography and Indian wedding films which will make your special day extra special and memorable.


Pre-Wedding Shoots

Rajesh Giri wedding photographers in Lucknow

Pre-wedding photo shoots are booked and done few months before the wedding. It helps the couple in getting comfortable in front of the camera as well as adds that extra personal touch to the wedding. It also helps in building a rapport between the photographer and the soon to be newlyweds. Location of the pre-wedding photo shoot is very important. Rajesh Giri pre wedding photoshoot in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh suggest a location where the couple often likes spending time together,  where they proposed each other or a place which can give a nice romantic backdrop. Rajesh Giri wedding photographers, who are known for best Indian wedding photography in Indira Nagar, Lucknow have shot a pre-wedding photo shoot at Ambedkar Park as a backdrop. They found a suitable spot which gave some awesome pictures. This place is so big and beautiful that even Bollywood likes filming their songs here.


Black and White is Back

Rajesh Giri pre wedding photoshoot in Lucknow

The classic black and white photos are a rage again. The right background scenery and light can give you very classy, beautiful and romantic pictures. Like Rajesh Giri, wedding photographers have taken candid pictures of a happy groom and bride moment and have added class and romance to the picture of the romancing couple with beautiful scenic surroundings by making it black and white.


Candid and Fun-Filled Pictures

Indian Wedding Photos

Candid photography is all about spontaneity. Gone are the days of posed pictures now candid photography has taken the main stage. It includes unplanned and spontaneous shots showing all the emotions wonderfully. A true professional blend in the background and keeps himself alert of any candid situation. Some fun and dramatic images really make the wedding an amazing memory like the picture taken by Rajesh Giri photographers where the confident, smiling bride is pulling along her equally smiling groom showing his willingness to happily follow his wife forever.


Creative Ideas

Rajesh Giri wedding photographers in Lucknow

Original and creative ideas make the wedding photo shoot outstand and more memorable. It requires attention to details and creativity in clicking all the events. For example, the mehndi of the bride takes so much time and effort and is an important part of the wedding ceremony so creatively displaying the mehndi of the bride makes all the time and efforts worthwhile.


Wedding Cinematography

Rajesh Giri wedding photographers in Lucknow

Now simple videography is not sufficient people want proper cinematography. Indian wedding films by Rajesh Giri Photography Lucknow, are all about the storytelling and not just simple recording of events.

It is important to choose the right professional who can capture all those special and important moments in such a way that they become amazing and unforgetful memories.


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