Reception Entrance Music 

Reception Entrance Music

Your formal wedding ceremony and the cocktail parties are done, now it is the time to kick starts the reception party. With a dramatic grand entrance the couple will be entering the reception venue. During this dramatic grand entrance your event emcee or the personal DJ will announce the newly-weds over the wedding music that you select.

The choice of reception entrance song indicates your personal taste and how the whole bridal party are feeling on the big day. 

Essentials of the right entrance music

The wedding song would be instrumental so the DJ would call the names of family and the new couple easily. Its fine to use vocals with the music, the DJ will turn down the music levels when announcing somebody in while entering and turn up the music levels while they walkout.

The right couple entrance

The most important moment of the reception is the entry of the newly-wed couple. So, the right planning is required to ensure a perfect entrance


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