Reception Entrance Music 

Reception Entrance Music

Your formal wedding ceremony and the cocktail parties are done, now it is the time to kick starts the reception party. With a dramatic grand entrance the couple will be entering the reception venue. During this dramatic grand entrance your event emcee or the personal DJ will announce the newly-weds over the wedding music that you select.

The choice of reception entrance song indicates your personal taste and how the whole bridal party are feeling on the big day. 

Essentials of the right entrance music

The wedding song would be instrumental so the DJ would call the names of family and the new couple easily. Its fine to use vocals with the music, the DJ will turn down the music levels when announcing somebody in while entering and turn up the music levels while they walkout.

The right couple entrance

The most important moment of the reception is the entry of the newly-wed couple. So, the right planning is required to ensure a perfect entrance –

  • In a bid to excite the guests and draw their enthusiasm, upbeat dance music is a good choice

  • It is always a good idea to choreograph the entry of the bride and groom to draw cheers from the excited guests

  • It is advisable to pause for a moment as the couple entry the stage so that the photographer can capture some good pictures.

Different genres of music

Whilst the list of choices for the entrance music on the big day is aplenty, some classic numbers can always do the magic. Some chosen tracks for the marriage reception are –

  • When love takes over – by David Guetta
  • Music Sounds Better With – by Stardust
  • Give me everything – by Pitbull
  • Party Rock Anthem – by LMFAO
  • Paparazzi – by Lady Gaga
  • We will rock you – by Queen
  • Viva la Vida – by Cold play

Entrance song selection

The right reception entrance song for the wedding should be standing out apart from the other music numbers played on that day. The reception complements the wedding style, and everything should be in line to this theme. The entrance song should full of full of energy so that the crowd, the couple and the bridal party get excited or can be a very romantic number with some lovely lyrics. The song should be something popular so that the audience can be caught to it since it is played for a limited time only. It is better if the song is personal to the bride and grooms so as to get them into mood. 

A song with a good beat is perfect to make everyone come onto the dance floor. Apart from the reception entrance on the wedding day, it is also important to make the audience feel enthusiastic and love the evening. So, some beat numbers should follow the entrance song, inviting the guests to the dance floor. The best thing to happen is that the couple join the guests and shake a leg so that the guests feel very excited and make the evening something to remember for them and the couple.


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