Refreshing ideas for a hot Asian summer wedding 

Refreshing ideas for a hot Asian summer wedding

Wedding is almost different in every part of the world though the main motive is to unite the soul of the couple's. Asian weddings are unique in all aspects and are ritualistic. People tend to capture each and every moment in the wedding day to make it a special occasion. Asian influenced wedding takes place mostly in summer months.

There is also another trend of gifting the invitees when they return home. Asian style wedding favours are traditional and long lasting.

Make it unique

Be it a simple or grand wedding, Asian influenced wedding is ritualistic and all the traditional are followed without fail. You can make it special with innovative and refreshing ideas. Do not add too much creativity which might spoil the entire ceremony. 

Conserve nature

Instead of printing cards for your wedding day, you can adopt the latest trend of inviting your friends and colleagues through social networking sites. Asian influenced weddings have gradually adopted this method of inviting the guests to the wedding. 

Wedding favours

The guests have come to attend your wedding accepting the invitation from you. So it is a basic courtesy to treat them appropriately with due respect. In Asian weddings people have made it a tradition to send the guests with a memorable gift called as wedding favours.

Be creative

Wedding favours can be flowers, gifts, greeting cards, fruits, cakes etc. Also you can gift them your photo frames. Be conscious in what you want to gift them. They have spent their quality time to bless you for the new beginning. So make sure that the wedding favours are worth it.

Adopt themes

Asian style wedding favours are planned before hand in order to avoid confusion. It is interesting to carry out your wedding theme in the gifts that you present to the guests and invitees. Basically people follow colour coded themes and henceforth it is easy to depict the same in the wedding favours.

Concentrate on cuisine

As most of the Asian weddings are scheduled on summer months, it is important to provide the right variety of cuisine to them. Do not add too much of spices to the food. Also make more of chill and cool food items available to the guests on your wedding day. 

Refreshing food

Be particular to provide lots and lots of ice creams, cool drinks and juices. Your guests might get exhausted due to the hot summer. You can also make food stations with chat items just because it is an Asian wedding. 

Sweets and confectionery

Asian influenced wedding have the tradition of welcoming the guests with sweets at the entrance. Sweets enhance the mood of wedding day in the hot summer months. Asian weddings mostly provide pedas and ladoos which is liked by all. Jilebi can provide the best sweet combo with kachori in wedding cuisine. 

Thus it is necessary to exhibit your wedding plans in a unique way to cheer the people gathered for the wedding. If you please them then obviously your wedding remains memorable one which can be cherished forever. 


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