Remarriage after Death of Spouse in Sikhism 

Remarriage after Death of Spouse in Sikhism

Remarriage is the wedding event that takes place after pre- experiencing a martial union which comes to end either due to divorce or widowhood. Mostly the reason are likely to be divorced or widowed while there may another factors like a want of new romantic life or the factors of race, gender and age. So do you agree with the fact of remarrying? If no then are you really happy to overlook the grief and sorrow of poor widow? Are you satisfied with insecurity that widow’s children will suffer?

Should widows be allowed to marry again and ahead forward with a new life:

Although the decision to remarry after divorce is not east to take because it’s really difficult to re- establish a trust in another person after losing the most important person in life. It requires real guts during the selection of new life partner, and also the commitment and tolerance has to be much higher than before. It is the necessity of life to spend it with a partner because you may be encountered many times when you realize to move forward after the suffering of grief and sorrow of losing your spouse. This happens and starts challenging you to stop suffering and bury the dead emotions on the same day of funeral and move ahead which makes you realize that remarriage should be alright.  

Remarriages in Sikhism:

According to Sikh religion men and women are two sides of same coin, human. In the religion of Sikhism there is no doubt that it allows a widow to remarry after the death of their loving spouse. Remarriage is Sikhism is acceptable even after death or divorce of spouse. It lays no prohibition or plants no law against remarriage of widow in Sikhism. 

It frankly says that the second remarriage for widow can be solemnized in the same way as the first Anand marriage, with a prescription that counter that giving thought to the prospective spouse caste and descent, a Sikh daughter must be married to a Sikh only. It entitles with the code of conduct in the religious Sikhism document titled ‘Sikh Reht Maryada’, commonly known as (SRM), which conveys that even after the death of spouse, the widow Sikh, whether a Man or a woman can remarry as per his or her choice if gets a suitable and trusting match, with the limitation that the respective match, whether bride or groom must be a Sikh too. It is also highly recommended that the remarrying ceremony has to be followed and conducted in accordance with the Anand Karaj matrimonial rites prescription. Also the remarriage between a Sikh and a non-Sikh is permitted but as per religion it cannot have Anand Karaj.  

Also there is no doubt that the Sikh gurus strictly disapprove and condemn the practice of sati system. As a practical and logical approach to disapprove and discourage the practice of sati system, Sikh religion permits the remarriage of widows. Sikh guru, Guru Nanak praised enthusiastically women as the mother of all the Kings and a lifelong mate companion of every man.        


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