Remove Bad Karma of Previous lives to lead Prosperous Life - An insight into Astrological Aspects 

life is a mixture of happy and sorrow moments , where everyone of us have to confront numerous situations in the life. The people are extremely Rich, upto the extent of sky, at the same time, the number of people which are starving and are leading non quality or sub standard life are not  meagre , rather in millions. what can be the possible reason of aforementioned phenomenon. The answer lies in the law of karmas. The people are suffering not of the present birth, but of the previous births. The karmas performed earlier , come As the main issue in front. That is  why the janam kundli is made, by determining the key virtues, like the time, date of birth, place of birth, etc. A person's destiny is determined at the time of birth only. the positioning of stars or planets at that time determines the fate of the person. A person is born based upon the deeds or things done during the previous life.

If the people , which are getting more sucess, and are leading a blissful life, are due to the karma of the previous lives. on the contrary, the people with bad karmas, have to suffer more and more. he or she may have to endure the pain more, sudden loss or poverty, accidents in the life.  so its extremely important to remove the impact of bad karmas from the life. this is actually a part of the karmic Astrology. indeed, karma and astrology, run parallel in a person's life.

When more good deeds are done by person in his past life, he gets more success in this life. He will get more opportunities of happiness and bliss in this life. But when a person has done bad things in his previous life, he will have to suffer more in this life. He may have to endure pain, accidents, poverty or losses in this life. Karma decides the long run of life for a person. So, it is very important.

Are you feeling that your past life is haunting you by repetition of things day by day, month by month or year by year?

- Do you have to stay apart from your loved one?
- Are you feeling troubles in your marriage?
- Are you facing progeny or child problems?
- Do you have to endure business losses or financial losses?
- Do you have to face property losses?

Its rightly being said that what we sow, so shall we reap. So what we may have done in the previous lives is not in our hands, on the contrary, what we are doing can be altered or amended to Hope for the best for the future lives. various world famous astrologers, like laal kitabh specialists also put more emphasis on the same theory of improving the life.

The spiritual congregations, by which we can entirely change our life. the performance of various rituals is not mendatory, rather the adoption of these key virtues in the life is of more significance. there can bemany other ways to attain the same. many people love to chant some mantras, whereas, the worshipping of this formless God- Niraankar or theLord shiva, and his consort Goddess Parvati at the significant  timmings can lead to removal of the sins. The negative karmic energies which limit our potential could be removed with Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati worship. Person may gain personal and professional benefits when he uses the technique of Pradosham to remove negative effects of bad karma.


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