Replace Stacked Bangles or Gold Big Fat Kada with These Super Luxury Watches on Your Wedding Week 

Replace Stacked Bangles or Gold Big Fat Kada with These Super Luxury Watches on Your Wedding Week

The beautiful day of wedding is not that far to be thinking of getting ready. The modern day brides are always craving to wear something, which can give them most of the love and appreciation. The pics of beauty queen would be the memory for the couple of years, that’s what the bride craves for. 

The big fat kadda, the stacked gold bangles are the one which came from mausi, naani and mom. The days before wedding require you to be fashionable as well as smart too. Let’s have one recommendation for you. So instead of wearing the stuff as mentioned above, go for jewelry watch, the one which is most beautiful and instead of a bangle on one hand for some of the events. Its interesting Na?

If you are not that adventurous, keep these traditional bangles and the kadda for the day, but do wear great watches for your reception or cocktail. There are available the exquisitely crafted watches and few amazing brands too.  We got you fewer watches that can really take your wedding outfit up by a few notches.

It’s equal to find a good watch and husband. So watch out very carefully. 

P.S They are not cheap, they are expensive stuff. They come with diamonds and precious metals plus, they can set you back by a few lakhs.

1. Bulgari serpenti-

As the name indicates, serpentine means serpent or snake like- having 6-7 spirals, each spiral has different stones or the other precious pearls. Diamonds, jade, corals and black onyx.  The watch – bulgaris serpenti looks like a modern kada and would match with everything you wear. It can be really said as the step up jewelry for the year.

2. Tiffany cocktail watch-  

The black satin comes with diamond buckle. The gorgeous look again provides it dashing look, having all diamond inside and the rim makes it perfect for wedding. It’s practically tiffany guys. The practical jewellery.

3. Rolex lady date just-

The Rolex watch explained here provides you the subtle- the one with studded jewellery, the one having stylish jewellery. The similarity of lady date just with the men’s watch is more but these, being for bride as well as for girls is smaller and daintier in size. You must wear it stacked up and with your bangles so it looks gorgeous.

The other brands of immense importance can be- Omega de Ville ladymatic, Cheopard happy Diamonds, Ballon Bleu de Cartier etc. etc.

How to find that luxurious watch- 

1. The online places are the best way to have ethos watches and prime luxury watch boutique are fairly good. You can always check for the one you like most and the budget you decide can always taken into the consideration.

2. The prices are negotiable always. You must ask for discounts. There is no fun of having one lux watch with no discount.

3. What’s inside the watch is more important than what’s outside. Means you must go for gross examination of what’s there inside regarding the machinery and the service required for the same. 

4. Have a fine survey, either by scrutinizing online or going there physically, so that you can find out the perfect watch for you. The prices differ from watch to watch.

5. Look for rose gold rather than gold-gold because it can go on both western and Indian clothes.

6. If a piece is above your budget, go ahead and ask them for a similar piece with less diamonds or a different metal – almost all models have a piece that’s less but looks almost the same.


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