Republic Day : Wedding Catering Menu 

Republic Day : Wedding Catering Menu

The republic day, which is celebrated on 26th January of every month, is marked by fluttering flags, colorful uniforms, military vehicles, melodious bands, dancing children, and a variety of tableaux. It is celebrated with a great fanfare in every part of the country. It is the day when constitution of India was formed. And this is an occasion to commemorate the acceptance of constitution of India. Wedding on this particular day has its own significance, where the joy of republic day gets merged with the special and most precious day of the life, called wedding. Moreover, it has become a very common phenomenon now- a days; to have recipes according to the day like in India various traditional foods have their own significance. The color of the recopies plays a very commendable role in governing the joy of the wedding. 

A perfect epitome of this kind is to witness the variety of cuisines having a tri-color essence. Specially to highlight the tri color of the Indian flag- the saffron, green and the white. How great it would be sounding if the catering which is entirely dedicated to the colored event of the republic day. Following are the beautiful and most elegant recipes of the republic day, which here are covered in special relevance to the wedding ceremony, and would add more charms to attend your guests. Not only it would serve the taste buds of the families attending, but also would be a patriotic essence of the person choosing and finalizing cuisines. Here are some of the perfect epitomes of the same that you can add in your wedding menu-

The best thing about Republic Day with which we all can relate to is that it is a national holiday. But we should not forget its immense significance which we often tend to ignore in our busy lives. Had our country not been a republic who knows we would have had to take permission for doing such basic things as dining out, watching movies of our choice, reading books, speaking our heart out and protesting against wrongs.It is a shuddering thought!

We should hence thank the fathers of our constitution and celebrate the Republic Day with the spirit of nationalism in our heart, digging into delightful, patriotic food.

  1. Worthwhile dry fruit saffron biryani
  2. Palatable and sweet Tri Color Burfi:-
    Feel enthusiastic, feel patriotic, try out Tri Color Burfi and surprise your family and friends.
  3. Traditional Boondi Laddu of three colours
    Try out the recipe of this delightful, forever favorite Indian sweet.
  4. Nutritious Green-Orange Dotted Rice
    This is a very simple and healthy recipe that can be made during holidays and celebrations without much fuss and effort.
  5. Healthy kesaria hara paneer tikka
  6. Attractive Three colored salad
  7. Republic sandwich breakfasts
  8. Tri colored burfi packs
  9. The seasonal tri colored carrot cake


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